Tuesday, April 28, 2015

W is for Wondering About Random Things

Ever just have thoughts?  Unexplained?  Odd?  Or, explainable, but probably something you wouldn't say out loud in public?


-  In a work restroom.......not a public one, but one shared by about 10 women with 2 stalls......there are actually women who would rather hover over the seat than use a seat cover.......and they are the ones that spray and then don't clean-up after themselves........who are these women?  Who failed them?

-  Who along the historical line decided that block-like shapes was the idea shape for buildings and dwellings?  Why? 

-  Why does the dog lay in the middle of the floor, sees me coming, doesn't budge, then decides to stand up just as I'm already stepping over her?

Just a few.......

1 comment:

  1. Your dog is probably following the same silent command that causes my cat to zig-zag between my legs as I go down the basement steps. :)