Sunday, July 29, 2012

Christmas in July

I finally had my much anticipated Christmas in July party! Had a great time! Only regret is that apparently anything planned in July has to compete with everyone's vacations! Ok, I’ll stop with the exclamations. Didn't get to do everything I wanted to do (my Pintrest list) but I think it was nice. We put up a Christmas tree, of course, but I kept the ornaments limited to just colored lights, a red and white garland, blue balls and a pirate ship ornament from the OBX. We did add those little drink umbrellas for a more "July" feel. The boys helped with the balls and the umbrellas. It looked pretty cute! Mikey got the idea to do the same thing to the wreath I pulled out. Turn out great! The picture doesn't do it justice, though, because I took a picture when it was only half done. Sorry! On the table, I create a centerpiece with a cool silver tree my sister brought me from Italy and around the base we used blue glass balls and sea shells. Did the same in my living room sconces with the blue balls and shells. In the living room, we put up our traditional paper chain, which the kids love to see go up. I also pulled out some of my PartyLight Change-o-luminary collection winter stuff (my favorite!). Dinner was a potluck, but we started it out with BBQ chicken, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and some homemade rolls. Guest brought meatballs and veggie bars (so good!) After dinner, the kids finger-painted their goody bags, the adults did a gift swap, and then I think everyone got involved in the decorating of little boy and girl sugar cookies. Like I said, I didn't get to do everything I dreamed about, but it was a pretty good foundation for an annual event and hopefully this will give some other people ideas. Next year I just need to get on everyone's calendars in May!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Halloween in July?

So, I am all about Christmas in July.  In fact, we are having our first (hopefully annual) Christmas in July party in just a week, however, Halloween in July?!  Please someone explain to me why I have 7 ripe pumpkins sitting in my dining room?  Granted, they are not as big as I thought they were going to be, but I think the lack of rain and extreme heat has contributed.  I can only water so much, you know?  So, in denial, I ignore the slowly turning pumpkins.....then I looked it up to prove myself right......guess what?  I was wrong....evenly colored with hard rinds......check and check.  Good grief!  Now what do I do?  Thank goodness we have a brand new patch of pumpkin blossoms popping up so we might have something in October!  

In other news, we (meaning Mike) made 19 jars of pickles and we're about to fill the freezer with yellow squash.  The garden for the most part is under control.......not!  Still going nuts but not as aggressively.

 There WERE 19 jars!  I just gave some away....for which I've had my hand slapped....apparently these are bargaining pickles 

 Yellow squash...ok, so not the best picture I've ever taken, but these drawers are nearly full and I wasn't hauling them out just to snap get the idea.

 Can anyone else top my marigold bush??  I planted along the edge of the planter box as a nature pest repellent....umm....they all grew!

 our one and only watermelon....sad

squash with tons of new stuff going on

 Zucchini.....we had 3 bushes, but the squash/zucchini bugs took out one, but once I ripped it out, the other 2 seem to be perking up a little...yes the yellow looks a little sad, but not to worry.

 the pumpkin field......the yellowed sun area...poor things

 patch at the other side of the pumpkin patch that is brand new and abundant with blossoms


The garden continues.....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Kitty Update

Here they are!  Followed by a video....hope it comes through ok.....excuse the minor break in the middle when i had to dive to prevent the cat from going under a couch.