Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Youngins'

Well, the young ones have certainly got us wound up!  Both going through some new stage at the same time!  5 1/2 year old has decided he's going to be extra defiant and then throw a fit when he's called out.  Never seen temper tantrums like this out of him!  The 2 1/2 year old has missing ear know, where suddenly his ears don't work and he just looks at you with a blank expression and keeps right on doing whatever he's doing?  I know, with the 2 year old, that this is just a phase, been there, done that, survived.........will not actually last as long as it will feel it does.  The 5 year old, however, not really sure if this IS just a phase or something else going on?  Anyone else go through this?  In actuality, it's only been 3 days of unusual, of course, I've already determined there's a phase to be dealt the first child and dad have no clue........he's one step's great.  Oh well, just love the child and get some sleep.  One more day, yall!  I think I can, I think I can........

Sunday, April 28, 2013

X is eXcellent dinner!

OK, so I'm a day late, surprise and all.  Lat night, we served an excellent dinner to accompany an excellent movie.  We had chicken korma with rice, some kind of flat bread that isn't Nan, a yogurt and cucumber dish and then a Carrot Heal for dessert.  The movie was Monsoon Wedding.  We had 5 people from church over for the evening as part of an auction item.  Our church does an auction each year to raise money and the items auctioned off are donations of evenings or events or stuff from other church members.  So we donated a dinner and movie at our house and people bid on the slots to come.  Pretty neat arrangement, I think.  Anyway, it was great!  Thank you to my wonderful hubby for doing the cooking!  OK, I will do my best to blog something better tomorrow and Tuesday or the last 2 days!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Writing

3 days left, X, Y, and Z.  I find this is getting harder and harder to write.  Most of my blogs during non-challenge season are products of my 1 hour commute home or a shower (drum roll) by myself, or even from a dream.  Even then, I tend to outline my ideas on a scrap of paper to make sure I get all of those points flying around in my head.  This month has been a little lax on the planning and preparation.  It's been interesting to start with a thought and just let my stream of consciousness develop through my fingers, but in the same way, I really feel like "who's reading this?  who cares about any of this stuff"?  Honestly, you probably don't unless i somehow have connected with you and you know me and can picture my facial expressions and, surprise, sarcastic tone.  Usually the people who do get that........have already heard exactly what I just wrote.  Anyway, I am looking forward to being able to say i completed another year of the Blogger Challenge, but i am also looking forward to being able to stop for a little bit and really put some thought or passion behind my posts again.  I just can't come up with stuff on a daily basis.

Although, i do know the funniest woman alive, we'll call her H for now.  We are about as different as people can be when it comes to kids, school, husbands, cleaning, etc.  and yet we are the best of friends.  I'm pretty sure I have convinced her to at least try to develop a concept for a new Co-blogging project, so stay tuned!!

V is for Viewing Television...

So, here it is, the great debate between men and women (for the most part i think).  HD or Regular?  I can't really tell a difference.  I've been told that if the TVs were side by side, I would notice a difference.........I'm sorry, at what point, unless i decide to open up my own appliance store, would I ever have 2 TVs next to each in order to make a daily comparison?  Maybe I'm just not that involved with the shows I watch to care.  I usually don't get to sit and just watch when I get a chance to watch TV.........there's laundry, or the kids, or something else I have to be doing as well.    I guess I just hope I never get to the point in my life where the decision between regular and HD TV ranks at all on my priority list.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Using this Post to Promote!

Ok, so yeah, I'm stretching tonight on the letter usage, but oh well.....

It’s no secret that the Cooper family loves to do birthday parties, especially for our kids! It hurts to think that there are parents who want to do the same, but are unable to due to current economic circumstances.

Children are our most precious investment! They are a glimpse of our past, a light in the present, and hope for the future. Each child should be celebrated! 

Help us put together birthday kits for struggling families. Help another parent celebrate their child the way we all love to! Donations are needed of either cash donation or birthday items. Kits will be given to needy families from the Food Pantry at my church. Below are the contents of a Birthday kit with approximate cost.

Leave a comment if interested and I'll send you an address to send stuff to.

Birthday Box:

1 Birthday Bag (medium-large) to hold contents of kit
1 Box of Birthday Cake mix
1 Aluminum Pan
1 Tub of Frosting
1 Small container of Sprinkle
I box of Candles
1 Pack of 8 Plates (generic birthday print)
1 Pack of 8 Napkins (generic birthday print)
1 Pack of 8 Cups (generic birthday print)
1 Pack of 8 sets of utensils (bright colors)
1 Pack of Balloons
1 Pack of Streamers
1 $10 gift card (Walmart/Target/ToysRUs)

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for TV

Is it sad that I would blog about an evening where i got to watch TV?  I'm sure most moms know all about this little treat.  I got to watch myself.......and no one had oddly colored hair, wanted to sing a song, wanted to dance, or do a craft, or teach me a was lovely!  Of course, I do have to admit that I indulged in a guilty pleasure..........19 Kids and Counting.  I just can't stop watching them.  I enjoy watching shows about people i consider a different culture from my own.  I also enjoy 'Sister Wives' and any of the Amish shows.  Only, i do have to agree with my BFF on this season of 19 Kids.........Josh's poor wife.......I wonder if she feels as if she has to compete with her mother-in-law for number of kids.  One of the episodes I watched had her saying something about a 'few years from now, you know, maybe 5 or 6 more kids later....'  I'm on my 3rd.......due in's been a total of 6.5 years in making the 3.........she's on her 3rd in half that time.  Ouch much?  I can tell you, even at 18 weeks, I feel like gravity is not my friend........i can't imagine a dozen kids later........that's a lot of kegels......ok, i'm way off topic now.....anyway, i got to watch TV tonight, yay me!

Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Scotland

I lived in Scotland for about 3 years, that's all, but it seems like a lifetime of memories and a lifetime ago!  For many years after my family's return to the states our Sundays were spent at church, then at lunch reminiscing about this story and that story.  Got to the point where my boyfriend at the time (now husband) could recite each and every story as if he had lived them himself.  It has been a while since we have sat around and talked about Scotland.  My sister and I have both grown up, graduated college, gotten married, got jobs.  We have our own lives and Sunday lunch is now spent at geographically convenient restaurants within driving distance of church.  There aren't many stories about Scotland anymore.  i guess after 17 years, you've retold them so much that don't need re-telling anymore.  Or maybe we're just waiting on a fresh set of ears to fill with our laughter.  Today, I had a moment which has brought me to this blog.  Went up to my room to change and the radio was on.  They started playing What's Up by 4 Non-Blondes.  This was one of the few songs playing on the radio in our nearly empty house the day we arrived at our house in Inverbervie.  My dad had gone ahead of us on orders, but my mom, sister, and I stayed state-side to finish school.  My dad received the house just before we got there and we had rental furniture from the base until our stuff arrived.  It was such a big open house (at least it seemed like it) and the windows were open and there was a radio sitting on the counter between the dining room and kitchen and while I was scared to be starting over in a new school, in a new county no less, i was excited too.  And this song was playing on the radio.  It was one of those songs that sticks with you, ya know?  I've got it playing right now, in fact, and I'm crying.  Funny how such a short time can mean so much in your life.  I still have FB friends that I hope remember those times as fondly as I do.  If you're reading, I know we don't talk much, but I miss you all and those times so much!!

To my Scottish friends, I'm not sure what kind of impression I left with you all or how you remember me, but you all will always be my best friend, my book-swap friend, the quiet girl that I never quite got to know, and of course, and this is no secret to any of you all, that gorgeous guy across the street that i spent endless hours sitting on the wall in front of my house just waiting to catch a glimpse of, or even better, get said 'hi' to!  You all are forever in my heart.

To my Edzell-lites, i'll always remember Halsey, the sneaking behind the school to watch a certain someone kiss someone (because that was huge thrill for a bunch of middle schoolers), the walks to the deli, the YAC, roller skating, the slam books, the 'riot' at lunch, softball, bike-a-thons, the hideaway, concerts, and the list goes on.  I try not to remember so much of the drama.  It was a small base and we are all forever connected.  Amazing to think most have kids now!  I will treasure you all forever!

Ok, one of my sappier blogs, but I just felt it today and now that I've had a good cry, I will leave you for tonight!

Cheerio! (and corn flakes too!)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Rockets

This afternoon, for no reason at all, the hubby and the boys started trying to figure out how to build a rocket launcher.  Yep, that's my guys.  They presented the budget, minuscule, so they received approved from the board of mom and they were off!  I actually spent the better part of 15 minutes while the brownies were in the oven taking video of their efforts.  Hopefully, I can get it on here.  Yes, it's sideways.  I have a new camera.......I'm not that great at taking video, so the concept of keeping the camera right way up for a video is lost on me.  Oh well.  

Q is for Quality

So, as if this was obvious to regular visitors to our house.......the hubby and I do a pretty good job with all the 'extras'.  We are involved in as much as we can be, there is always something on the calendar and we do the best we can with a small budget to whisk the kids off on mini-adventures such as the color hunt or the bouncy house or whatever.  We're also the first ones to step up and plan an event, a trip, a party or help out with whatever needs doing.  I've been told before that I’m a super mom and that the thought of my schedule is exhausting to others........

Well, guess what?  I'm going to reveal a big truth here in front of everyone.  We may be great at the extras, but we SUCK at the normal stuff.  Cleaning, dishes, laundry, taking the trash out twice a week, yard work..........yeah, that's the stuff that just doesn't come naturally to us.  Fights frequently break out over the basic housework because we just can't seem to get it together.  There, I said it.  Our big deep dark secret.  We make a good impression when we have people over, but believe me, the 24 hours preceding the visit were crazy, stressful hours.  My poor kids.  We even try to trick them into having 'sock hunts' or 'Lego hunts' just to get them do something that isn't creating one more mess!  

Ok, I feel better.  Now another truth, even putting this down in text is probably not going to change a thing.  We have too much fun doing the other stuff!  Our home is in no way unsafe or unhealthy, it just lags a little in the routine stuff......probably why we have so many get-togethers and give us a reason to GET IT TOGETHER!    Our kids are happy, we spend lots of quality (bet you were wondering where the word would pop up) time together, and we go to bed exhausted just to wake up and do it all over again.  So, super mom, I am not, but I'll keep trying, ok?

Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Planting

So, it's nearly that time!  Once the challenge is over, I will once again start documenting my garden.  This afternoon, the boys and I finished pulling up all the late fall growth that I let go last year and suddenly came to life in the last 2 weeks and because really beastly!  Next step is to get some compost down in the beds and get it all soil turned up and loose.  We're actually going to try to do everything from seed this year!  In the past, I've tried to create a whole learning experience with starting seeds in cups inside, waiting till they were big enough, moving them outside for a bit before putting them in the ground, but they never make the transition and I end up at the store buying plants to start with.  Last year we did some things from seeds and didn't too mad, so I think we'll just give it all a try this year........except dad always says not to try to start tomatoes from seed.....if I wanted to do that I would have had to have started them a while ago too get hem where they need to be at this time of April in order to get fruit off of them for the summer.  I definitely won't be doing the topsy turvy thing this year.  Tried it, failed.  I really don't have a place to hang it anyway.  So, what are you growing this year?  Anything different?  Any tried and true tricks you can share?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Observations

A few observations of mine...

1.  Why do men think it's ok, even at work, to take a magazine into the bathroom with them?  I mean, really?   Do you have a charge string for that break?

2.  Women and bathrooms:  Ok, ladies, you know those times when you're at work or in a public restroom and you need to do a little more than tinkle?  And you walk in and there's someone else being very still and quiet in their stall and you sit down and it's uncomfortably quiet and you begin the 'challenge'....outlasting the other would never do anything with anyone else in the bathroom, so you sit and of your is bound to give up at some point and leave, right?  And, with observation 1, men take reading material, heck, they probably share it!

3.  In the elevator....ever notice the unwritten social norm of the appropriate order of people in which you leave the elevator?  First, women, of course, but always in order of age, oldest to youngest, then go the men in much the same order.  However, what happens when you like sexes and ages?  Who goes first?  Usually, whoever beats the other one to being 'the most polite'.  Such and awkward funny way we have.  Ever been in the elevator and someone breaches protocol?  I was once nearly run over by some punk teenager boy, I thought briefly about tripping is butt just to teach him a lesson.  Where is his mother!?

4.  Last, I am a people watcher.  I am very happy to be left sitting somewhere where there is a crowd just so I can observe people.  I can see my kids someday dropping off me and my walker at the airport just to sit and watch people and coming back for me several hours later and I would be perfectly happy!  Anyway, ever really observe someone that you have already developed an impression of?  Today I was in a meeting and one of the presenters is an older woman-of-a-certain-age.  Her hair is short and frosted.  She is usually in neatly pressed slacks, a blouse, a cardigan, matching jewelry, light make-up and sensible black Mary Jane type shoes.  She is very professional and proper and knows how to work a room while presenting.  I actually like her.  But today, I happened to look down at her feet while she was sitting and guess what I found?  Her stockings were......leopard print!  It was so unexpected I nearly laughed out loud!  I love it!  Just shows what you can learn if you step back and look.

See anything interesting today?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

N is for Nasty!

Yup, Nasty.  Now, I don't mean in the traditional sense, and no, I don't mean that way either, get your head out of the gutter!  I mean nasty in a dieter's sense of the word.  Growing up, we lived by weight watchers.  In fact, once when I had to go to a nutritionist, she told me a few little tricks, like removing the skin from which I responded, "there is skin on chicken?".  Anyway, that could quickly get me off, weight watchers, yes.  Well, a dieting trick in our house was to refer to the not-so-good-for-you-items as 'nasty'.  Because you don't want to eat nasty things, right?  Right!  Try telling little kids that they don't really want ice-cream or cookies or cake or even popcorn with stuff mixed into it because it's 'nasty'.  *eye roll*  anyway, so a 'few' years later, the term has stuck for our family.  So now, anytime, we are going to say the frozen yogurt place, we say we're going to get something 'nasty'.  So, if you're ever behind someone in line at the Sugary Frog place and they refer to their creation as nasty, don't look at us weird, just say "Hey, you’re those people from the blog!"  Now, go make yourself something NASTY!

Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Manipulating Pre-school Energy

I was pretty proud of myself yesterday.  Had the kids to myself and was trying to get some chores done.  I needed the kids to clean up the play room, the kids believed they needed to play Lego', pulled out the timer.  Set it for 10 minutes and told them they could play for 10 minutes, but when the timer went off, they had to go pick-up 10 things, then they could have another 10 minutes, etc.  Seemed to work!  They thought it was a game, they were occupied for nearly an hour, Mommy got stuff done and the playroom got picked up!  Yay, me!  Just another step in training little multi-taskers, right?  I just wish I could make that work ALL the time.

Halfway through the challenge!  Woo-Hoo!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

L is for Lotions

So, when I say lotions, I mean sunscreen........who have thought I needed it at the beginning of April?  Stood outside for a tee-ball game that lasted 50 minutes.......and I'm rosy red and look like I worked in the yard all day.  Makes all of those pregnancy blemishes, which I've been trying to ignore, pretty much glow!  I noticed it last night at dinner when I rubbed an itch on my forehead and it hurt.....stated to the hubby that I think I got some sun and he says, yeah, no kidding, here let me get a picture for facebook........great, thank you hunny.  Heard this summer is supposed to be a bear with the heat.....haven't checked the almanac myself though, has anyone else?  Perhaps I can find a lightweight ski mask to wear around?  Sigh.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

K is for Kids

Is there any doubt that i love my kids?  Yet, it is nice to have a weekend with them at Mimi and Papa's.  I actually went to bed last night without having to 'remind' anyone to get back in bed, be quiet, stop fighting, and my favorite "if you yell back at him, you will get in trouble too.  I don't care if you are telling him to be quiet!"  Love those little guys!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jelly Beans

Why not?  Jelly Beans are great!  Here's a few fun things with jelly Beans........because I can't think of anything else without getting hormonal and downright unpleasant.  I had a boyfriend (well, if you count relationships in the 5th and 6th grade) who once gave me a large jar of jelly bellies.......i sometimes think about that jar and wish that maybe something similar would appear for mother's day or my birthday or, at this point, waiting for me in my room the moment after i deliver.  They are so perfect.....just a tiny bite, so no over-indulgence (fingers crossed behind back) and so many different flavors!  OK, I'm ridiculous, i know.  Ah, well, some love me!

Jelly Beans
Jelly beans, jelly beans, shifting in the jar.
Searching and looking, where the pink ones are.

I spot one here, I spot one there,
they shift around, it's just not fair!

White and black ones go away.
Pinks and reds can always stay.

Searching for jelly beans, big mistake!
The jar falls down, crashes and breaks!

Jelly beans, jelly beans, bouncing everywhere.
This really isn't FAIR!
Written by Tommy Garrison

Jelly Beans

I love my jelly beans
I even love machines
That make my jelly beans

Red, pink, purple, and blue
I will all chew
If only you knew
I'd even eat them out of my shoe

One bean, two beans, three beans, a million
I'd even eat one hundred billion

I'd eat them non stop
I'd eat them right in the candy shop
I'd eat them until my tummy would pop

You can never have to many
I never heard of anyone that didn't have any
People always have plenty

Eat until I don't have anymore
Always wish I had some more...
...Back to my candy drawer 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Independent

Today seems to be a day for all those giant leaps of independence in our house.......almost more than I can take.  I changed my work schedule so I am now off every other Wednesday so that I can participate in Parent and me Gymnastics and help with preschool (if the teacher ever gave a parent the time of day).  Today, I witnessed my nearly 3-year old blossom!  He didn't need me at all......just went, followed all the instructions, and lead the way when it came to mommy.  On our way back to pick up big brother from pre-school we stopped at the grocery store because I had a shopping list from my 5-year old.........celery, peanut butter, and raisins, because "we ARE making ants on a log, mommy!"  I by 'we', i mean him.  Did it all by himself........and we are registering for kindergarten today and we have our very first tee-ball scrimmage and.........all these milestones for me are almost too much!  Love these guys!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hippie

After yesterday's post, i thought I'd lighten up a little.  Today's question, Are you a Hippie?  What kind are you?  Mind you, when I say hippie, I'm referring to the modern-day hippie, aka, "Crunchies".  

Our post-workday commute discussion determined there are two extremes on the Crunchie spectrum.  

A.  The Yuppie Hippie : One who has the means to spends a lot of money to make a point.  Everything is organic, they will only buy from a set list of both environmentally and human rights efficient businesses, and they probably own only hybrids.  

B.  "Nearly Amish".  I probably don't need to elaborate any further on the end of the scale.  

Apparently, i fall somewhere in between, only probably more to the Amish side of center.  Now, while I have always thought that I would enjoy living and working in a closed community for a short time now and then, that full time existence is just not for me.  I enjoy growing my own food and making do with whatever i can find to make into something else, but also enjoy planning elaborate children's parties complete with matching napkins...i love matching napkins (guilty pleasure).

So, are you a fellow cruncher?    

Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for God Stuff

Yep, I’m going to go there.  I'll probably have a number of you feeling as though you need to pray for me by the end, but please do not go out of your way, k?  In church (BRUU) our minister, Rev. Greg, gave a particularly interesting sermon, it was blog-spirational.  I was even taking notes throughout.  I would like to work through some of the thoughts I had then and whatever will transpire as I write.......not sure where this is going to go, but bear with me.....  Anything that is not my own words, even I don't quote it exactly, I will put in quotations.....not really sure who said them, but they aren't mine, k?  If it's outside of the quotes, it's mine.  Just want to set this straight before I go on this journey.

The whole sermon was on the concept of Hell.  "Hell is a theological necessity.  It provides a deterrent to negative behavior"......thus providing a means of control.  I grew up in the Presbyterian Church, from the moment I was baptized in my family's pre-civil war christening gown, to pulling the offering wagon up the aisle, to confirmation and then spent 8 years as a Sunday school teach to some really terrific kids.  For the most part, I did not question anything.  Then my middle-schoolers (the best age in the world to teach) started asking I got this giant book from the Jesus Bookstore called "Where to Find it in the Bible".  You ask a question, look up keywords, and boom; you have a passage to read.  Nice and easy, right?  Yeah, if you're not really interested in an answer.  So, I started asking the kids what they thought.  Now, this was acceptable for a while since I had the most well-attended class in the Sunday school.......imagine, a 7th grader who wants to go to Sunday school?  Anyway, so it was accepted......Jenna was teaching in her way and getting them to come, but then, for some reason, I got an assistant assigned to me.  A homeschooler mom who wanted to hold my hands and pray a lot in the hallway.....never was much of a touchy-feely public prayer if you know what I mean.  I found her presence tended to squash the kids desire to talk openly.  So, we reverted to the crappy pre-written curriculum and crafts.  Then a good friend of mine was asked to leave the church because she was bi-sexual and people (whomever they were) were afraid she might influence their children......don't let the gay rub off, now.  She was informed of this right before Christmas eve service....I got up and left.  Never went back except to clean up my room.  

Anyway, I’ve already gone somewhere I didn't intend to go.  so, where was I? Oh yes, hell.  One of the best lines "Hell is other people".  "Apparently, 69% of people (Americans or worldwide, not sure) believe in a hell, however, less than 1% of those people believe they will be going."  Only other people will be going.  So, the criteria for getting selected for this lifetime sentence is subjective to........whomever is talking at the moment, I suppose.  "There are several religions that believe that they are the only ones going to heaven, however, since most people are not the member of more than one religion at a time, seems that everyone is going to hell", right?  Brings me to thinking about other religions......why do most who follow a particular religion believe that only they could be right?  That's very narrow-minded don't you think?  I'd tend to believe, more so, that there are about as many good ideas about how to be a decent person as there are people on this earth.  I've said before that I do not believe in some all-mighty God sitting in some throne watching over me. (You Better Believe It) It's too much of a Hollywood concept.  Supposedly, we are made in his/her image, but I think it's more likely that we have created God in our image.  In the same thought, I will say, I do believe in a force, a power that binds us all and demands of us to operate as one whole unit, the good and the bad balancing each other out.  Also, we've been given quite a few leaders who have understood the need for love; yet, we build a single religion around these leaders and teachers and claim that they are the only right one.  How could one individual lead the world? There are just too many flavors of people........of course it would take a committee!  

So, the hell talk took many directions, several which stuck with me and while I probably am unable to make one cohesive thought (never said I would make a good preacher), one line of scripture popped into my head; yet, my version is a little different.  

For God so loved the world, he gave us each other.  

How about that?  I tell you what; I certainly don't attend church to solely worship a God.  I attend to center myself spiritually and to be with my extended family.  My God does not require my attendance and worship to make her great.

Anyway, I'll wrap this up with a conversation my son and I had on our way to church on Sunday.  

M - "Mommy, why do we go to church?"
Me - "To learn how to take care of each, to love each other, and to take care of our world"
M - "I already know how to do that."
Me - "how's that?"
M - "You just have to clean up your trash and say please and thank you and I love you and sorry and stuff like that"

From the great mind of an untainted child.  Could it really be that easy?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Color Hunt

Bonus Sunday post!!  The boys and I decided that instead of sitting inside and dutifully doing laundry this afternoon, that we were going out into the world and doing something!  Anything!  So, we ended up at a local park on a Color Hunt with some friends.  We only managed to find Yellow and Purple, but it was fun anyway!  What colors is spring bringing to you right now?



Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Fine!

I discovered the joy of sending my kids outside today!  It's funny, I think back to when I was a kid and I remember very little time being spent inside and now, with my own kids, I find I'm always worried about it being too cold, or too hot, or too wet, or or or.......they have a playroom and I guess it's just easier to send them downstairs and know everything they are doing, I know, worst mom ever, right?  Today, however, it was so nice, I had the windows open, and I just sent them out.  They were thrilled to go out!  They actually spent the majority of the time today outside, playing...with each other........and no one got hurt.  It's a shame I have not know this joy kids were OK being kids and I'm OK  I know you're thinking, wow, this woman has're right.  Does anyone else fear the 'outside' world for their kids?  Did my mother fear the outside?  In my opinion, no, but maybe she just hid it better?  Oh well, in any case, I have determined that outside is just fine and I don't have to be on them every second and they are fine!  Fine! Fine! Fine!  Yeah!

Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Eaters

Tonight, my children were Eaters!  They just would not be satisfied.  We had homemade chicken and cheese subs packed with veggies and even avocado........they both ate all of it.  Then they wanted apples.......they ate them completely.  Then it was, i want i want i want.....ack........a double growth spurt?  how could this happen?!  luckily, i managed to fool them a little with an old diet, have some water.  I'll even squeeze the sugarless stuff in it for you......yep, now, you're full, right?  Hey mom, when's dinner?  AAHHHH!!!  I guess this is just the preview of years to come.......makes me wonder if we would survive if this next baby is a boy too........3 teenagers..........when this one is 13, Jackson will have just turned 16, and Mikey will be almost 19........omg omg omg........breathe woman, breathe.  i can see my mother reading this right now with that raised eyebrow "well duh" sister is repeating, "never having them, never having them, never never never" least i can feel the sympathy radiating from my screen from the other mothers (and fathers) out there already mentally planning out the next addition to their homes with me......not a sun room, or a rec room, or even a nice porch, but a nice big walk-in pantry, floor to ceiling shelves that somehow i will manage to fill thanks to the miracle that is "Extreme Couponing".  Oh yes, there is hope!!!

D is for Don't Have a Clue

I must apologize to everyone for this week of posts.  Last year, I know I did so much better with this contest, at least, i think I did, however, that could just be a year's worth of "well, i completed it, so i must have done well".  Now I'm swallowed up by prego-brain!  I promise to sit down (ha!) this weekend and come up with a back-up list of truly inspirational and/or hilarious topics on which I can fall back on for the rest of the phone, but is not the day I have such a list.  Might i recommend another blog that might be worth the effort reading today?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

C is for Cookie

Cookies are great.  Well, except for those pecan sandy things........and one could argue perhaps those mix tins of sugar cookies that no one knows when they were packed and they make a mess and you could use to them to play hockey with.  OK, really reaching on the topic this time, but oh well, can't be great all the time, right?  So, what's your favorite cookie?  Give me an old fashioned chocolate chip cookie anytime or oatmeal raisin (the guilt free cookie because it's got oats and fruit in it, right?).  Random cookie thought: why do they always have to put a macadamia nut in with the white chocolate chips?  why can't you just have a white chocolate chip cookie and call it good?  sigh.  Cookies.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Busy

Why are we so busy?  It's not like we're busy surviving, well, not all of us anyway.  I concede that there are still groups of people that depend on constant work to survive, however, my pampered life, and I wager yours as well since you have the luxury of a computer, Internet access, and time to read blogs....., does not require me to do much to survive.  I get up, fix breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, spend time with the kids, and go to bed......not much to the everyday "have to's".  So, why am I so busy?  Do I have this subconscious need to make every second count?  Maybe I'm in fear of missing something?  Not making a difference?  Side track....has anyone reading this ever been able to watch Extreme Home Makeover without feeling like a blubbering, useless, selfish piece of ....well, you get the picture.   Anyway, I guess i could blame my parents, (can't we all?)......always so busy, i grew up that way, that's the way life flowed, i don't know any difference....bla bla bla........yeah, i can't even finish that out, because, in truth, I did go almost entire year without doing anything.  I found out I was pregnant and decided I needed to quit everything and put all my energy into my new family........well, that lasted all of 9 months and 5 weeks........which is when we walked into our new church, 5 week old in tow........and so it began.  You can't go to church without joining something, right?  It's all about fellowship, you just can't go and be happy and not fill some of your time with fellowshipping!  Then, the kid started to grow, a house needed to be bought, church picnic's needed planning, birthday parties needed organizing, hostess parties needed hosting, and and and........another kid joined the mix, and as most parents know, they just aren't content to sit and be you have to do stuff with them which means classes and sports and 'adventures' and then throw a couple holidays, more birthdays (not just your own anymore, we're talking every kid your kid has ever played with), trips (because you have to give them memories) and suddenly.........your calendar is booked and your shuffling those blocks on the calendar like a deck of cards in an unending game of go fish, or uno, or some other life-sucking game..........sigh.  Breathe.  So, getting back to my original question, why are we so busy, why do we do this to ourselves?  It's that primal need to continuously work at survival that now has to be satisfied with whatever you can find?  I know I'm not alone in this because otherwise I would be showing everywhere by myself!  Oh well, my parents did it and now seem to have time on their hands.......maybe it's just the dues we pay.  It's not like this blog is going to change anything either.  Not sure I'm ready for all that! :)  Happy Tuesday, y'all!

Monday, April 1, 2013

A for April...duh!

Happy April, everyone!!!  Seems funny, that last Monday I was dealing with snow, today, for a moment, I was worried about a sunburn!  My flex Monday proved to be very relaxing and, yet, productive!  We went on a picnic and played with some friends, then hit the library and the grocery store.  Caught up on some Glee and now we're going for pizza and 'squeaky' frog (sweet frog in Jackson language).  So, as I start this blogging month-long challenge, I want to wish everyone a happy April!!