Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Evie's Room: Part II

Painting is finally done!  The crib is together, the furniture is arranged, and clothes are clean.  Now, we probably won't actually use the room until sometime near Thanksgiving when she's 2 months old, but it's done anyhow.  yay!  I set out to do a Pooh-centric room because I have 4 beautiful hand-made Pooh friends from my mother-in-law......but then I embraced my 'jenna' and the room became a collection of fun things.  


A rainbow....a little wonky but I still like it


The honey tree........this is where I started and I was totally in Pooh mode.........


Butterfly #1

Our first friends

For my little sunshine

 Yes, his and her chairs...don't ask

Butterfly #2

Monday, August 26, 2013

Best Baby Sprinkle, EVER!!!

I am having my third child, a girl this time, and while I said no to a baby shower with the second child (2nd boy in less than 2 years), I consented to a shower for the little princess.  It was determined, though, that since we already had our major stuff, we only needed the fun stuff, so instead of a full downpour of a 'shower', just a 'sprinkle' was in order.  Let me tell you, I couldn't have done a better job.  My sister is so incredibly talented, especially when it comes to composing customer prose and poetry!  It was awesome!  So awesome, in fact, that I insisted that she send me everything so I could post it in a blog and Pin the heck out of it!

The sprinkle was held at a local tearoom called The Pink Bicycle Tea Room.  This is also the same place where, 8 years ago, we held my Bridal Luncheon on the day of the rehearsal.....but that's another topic.  The room was set up for a real tea party!  Pretty tablecloths, an assortment of china sets, sweetdecorations on the wall......the menu included tea....started with a tropical sunrise (caffeine free) and English Breakfast.  The first game followed which was a cleverly concocted purse scavenger hunt. It came down to a tie, which was broken by a 'baby' trivia question.

Purse Scavenger Hunt

 She said no measuring her belly with string
Or else my neck she would surely wring;
So we opted for this type of gaming,
Look in your bag, I’ll ask for a random thing,
Think quick, who’s got someone else’s clothing?

They say third time’s a charm; labor will be a breeze,
Is there anybody out there who truly agrees?
Mike better not, but he’ll surely want these,
For a fast drive to the hospital, he’ll need his keys.

The ultrasound pictures we all have viewed,
Doctors tell them she’s not a dude,
Ribbons and bows have all been accrued,
Tiaras and jewelry and tiny doll food.

I’d say she’s got her own unique parenting style,
Two boys under her belt and it has been worthwhile,
But we know we can’t wait to see this little one’s smile,
It’s a girl!  And in the future, she might need a nail file.

We all know Jenna’s quite crafty and likes to sew,
Clothes and quilts and hats with a bow,
More and more needed as she continues to grow,
We’ll capture each moment with a million photos.

Our family’s first girl, nope, not a boy.
Shopping with Mimi, this little one will enjoy.
Though with two brothers she’ll learn to annoy,
It’s surely to happen, they’ll want the same toy.

It’s always awesome to feel her kick.
We’re sure Mikey, Jackson, and Evie will click,
Here’s hoping that her labor is quick.
I doubt she’ll need it, but who has chapstick?

We know patience is a virtue and she will be here in a sec,
But we just can’t wait to give those tiny cheeks a peck,
And while sleep loss can be a serious pain in the neck,
It’s better safe than sorry to give those midnight diapers a check.

I tried to convince them to name her Mandy,
After all, thanks mom, the name really is quite dandy,
I hear Mandys really are quite pleasant and handy,
Though I’d deny that they’re just as sweet as candy.

Ut oh, that diaper sure is damp,
Changing so many, you’ve become quite the champ.
Cherish those diapers, one day she’ll be off to camp,
And postcards you’ll need as well as postage stamps.

When a day with toddlers takes its toll,
And we realize that they cannot be controlled,
And those without kids continue to push that goal,
Tell me, who here has their birth control?

Thanks for coming to this baby bash,
Seems this pregnancy went by in a flash,
Time to worry about bottles and diaper rash,
And knowing you could always use some extra cash.

With so many soiled diapers to discard,
I’m sure the neighbors will steer clear of your yard.
We know going back to work will be necessary but hard,
All because you’re a proud owner of a business card.

We know Jenna is a really awesome mum.
Two gentlemen and a lady is what they’ll become,
They’ll be thankful for their mama for years to come,
As long as they close their mouths when chewing gum.

Evie’s not aware of all the love she’ll get,
Even when she’s throws a really big fit.
No doubt she’ll inherit her Papa’s wit,
And maybe her mom’s talent with a sewing kit.

There she is, another set of tiny feet,
Here she comes, a little girl we’re anxious to meet.
The Cooper family is now very complete,
I doubt they’ll be looking for a return receipt.

Tie Breaker:

Find items that start with E, V, I, and E. You can ask others for help.

Then came the scones with clotted cream and preserves.  Lovely lovely lovely.

Then the second game which was a pass the box game.  Starting with me I was given instructions on who to pass the box to based on a feature they possessed, for me it was to give it to the person with the darkest eyes.  Other questions involved feet size, traveling distance, etc.  After many rounds, the game ended with one woman getting the box and the prize.  She received a nice candle holder and candle.  Lunch hadn't been served yet, so my sister read a little script she had prepared with my sons.  Apparently, i was 'distracted' while we were on vacation so that she could ask the boys questions about their soon-to-be-sister.  It was absolutely adorable and perfect!

Pass the Present

You thought all the gifts here are meant for you,
But I have other items too.
So hold up this gift and look all around
Then pass to the one with eyes of darkest brown.

You might think that you are the lucky one,
But let's all try to share the fun!
Look around with eyes discreet
And pass to the one with the smallest feet.

Your feet are tiny and very smallest.
Now hand this to someone very tallest.

Please take your time and don't be harried.
Give this to the one who is longest married.

Of this parcel you are bereft.
Give it to the one on your left.

Now search for all the buttons you can find.
Look for who has the most, of any kind.

Is she here or is she there?
Find the lady with the shortest hair.

Some of us may live far away.
Who came the furthest to be here today?

No matter where she lives on this earth
This lady is living farthest from the place of her birth.

To whom is this place the dearest?
Pass this on to the person born nearest.

Her life probably does not feel very calm,
So give this to the one who is the newest mom.

Search in this room, not all through the land
And find the one with the longest nails on her hand.

Look straight ahead is what I ask you to do
Then pass to the one directly across from you.

Give this to the person with the longest name.
Learning to spell it was no silly game!

A little discussion and we'll be able to tell
The lady whose name is shortest to spell.

I know, I know, the rhymes are getting worse.
But pass this to the one with the biggest purse!

We hope you all are having fun. We have tried to include most everyone. From the largest purse to the smallest shoe, pass this gift to the right of you.

We’re ending this rhyme, this is the last poem, the gift you are holding is yours to take home.

Baby Evie Questionnaire

What do you think baby Evie will look like?
Mikey: She might have some curled hair and it will be similar to Mimi’s and yours. She might have pink nail polish on her toes. She might really like the water. She might think I’m the coolest kid she’s ever met. She might even want to wear a pink bow.  I think she’s gonna have teal eyes.

Jackson: He gonna look like a princess. He have red hair.

What do you think her favorite color will be?
Mikey: Pink, purple, and rainbow colors.

Jackson: He gonna be red.

What toys are you going to share with her?
Jackson: Cars!! and eat food.

Mikey: She might want to play with my rocket. Only other toy I’m gonna share with her is… ummm.. ummmmmm…… my little superman.

What do you think her favorite food will be?
Jackson: Chicken nuggets and Chick Fil A.

Mikey: You mean her favorite vegetable? I think it’s gonna be carrots. Roots are yummy. She might want chicken nuggets and milk, too.

What do you think her favorite book will be?
Jackson: Elmo.

Mikey: Care Bears and I think she will love action movies like me!

What do you think her favorite her favorite song will be?
Jackson: Rock and Roll

Mikey: She might really like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and she might want to help me with the stink going on in the craft room.

Me: What?

Mikey: We have a baby powder mixture that stinks. I really like stinks. It keeps people out of my side of the craft room. She can help with that.

What are you gonna teach her?
Mikey: I’m gonna teach her how to make paper airplanes. Have you ever seen a 0 week old baby making paper airplanes?  I might teach her how to build geo-tracks; I mean how to put them together. She might be building geo-tracks all over me, okay? And then she might take all my chores and then I’ll have to mow the yard and laundry and do the dishes.

Jackson: I teach him how to take nap and play matching game and puzzles. We gonna play with purple shells.

What’s going to be the best part about having a little sister?
Jackson: We can watch movies and take naps.

Mikey: Celebrating her birthday; ‘cause best part about celebrating is because everybody loves her… and she might love the ocean!

What’s going to be the best part about being a big brother to baby Evie?
Mikey: Playing geo-tracks with her and teaching her sign language. And she’ll play with Jackson.

Jackson: Mikey’s the big brother.

Me: He is, but now you’re going to be Evie’s big brother, too.

Jackson: No, I have to grow bigger first. 

Then came 'lunch'.  A three-tiered serving plate for each table with little sandwiches, fruits, and wonderful desserts!  While people were eating, I opened gifts.  Jack-pot!  I'm told there was an additional game, but we ran out of time.  There was a prize left though, which was a jar of my favorite cookie mix (oatmeal raisin with white chocolate chips) and she awarded that based on another trivia question.

When all was done, each guest went home with an individually boxed/wrapped cupcake.  I was also provided with a set of thank you card stationary to use.  I have to tell you, I've done quite a few different parties and this was by far the best run party I have been to in a long time!  True, my sister had a team of 'experts' backing her up with cupcake baking skills and decorations, but every team needs a captain and she certainly out-did herself.  Makes me wonder how I will ever top it when it is her turn for me to shower!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Evie's Room, Part I

So, the room decor has begun.........about time, right?  Since she's due in about 2-3 weeks.  Today's project was the handles on an old dresser.  It's an antique, but it's got a perfect wide top for a changing table.  When I got it from my grandmother's stuff, it was already missing a handle or 2 and I've tried several times to replace them but apparently the old handles are different from today's standard sizes.  Today, Jackson and I replaced them with beaded handles.  I like them!
Started with a mix box of beads from Michaels and some 20 guage wire.

I decided to use the flowers, the animals, and some large ball beads from the mix box.
 This is the dresser and one of the original handles

 took all the handles off.

 Strung 9-10 beads on a length of wire and threaded it through the holes and twisted it tight on the back.

 So easy, even the 3 year old could do it!
 3 done!
 All done!!!
 Matching bedside table.  ignore the splatters on the wood.......that's next.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Garden Left Alone

So, we're back!  Had a wonderful, sacred, annual week at the beach!  Rained a lot and was cold and windy, but any day at the beach is better than a great day at work, right?  We arrived home this afternoon and after the obligatory unpacking, I had to go check out the garden.  We have 2 good size pumpkins coming along (much more manageable than the 12 we had last year).  I'm wondering what will become of the pumpkin vines growing up the fences though, do those produce pumpkins or just take over space?  The cucumbers are about done for.  Looks like a combo of too much rain AND too much sun, maybe?  Update on the tomato plant that came back from the dead of the compost bin.  It's the biggest tomato plant i've ever seen.  The smallest stem is as big around as my thumb and the rest is huge and strong and covered in flowers.  I saw a few green balls, but nothing red yet and nothing big enough to call a tomato just yet, but i have hope. It has pretty much taken over the compost bin at this point.  And, the sunflowers!!  They are massive!  The pics below are taken from about 10 feet away in order to see the tops.  The tallest is about 12 feet tall!  Also got 4 giant squash out and several more on the way.  Didn't get to look at the beans much since the mosquitoes discovered I had invaded their territory at this point.  I'll probably send the boys after the beans tomorrow.  how are your gardens doing?