Tuesday, April 28, 2015

V is for Very Relaxing

So, our weekend away was wonderful!  If you are going to be near or want a destination near the George Washington National Forest, I would highly recommend this little cabin.  It is in Monetery, Va in Highland County, VA (Maple capital of VA).  The little cabin is fabulous and the farm it is on is lovely and cute.  They raise beef cattle, so if you are in to eating local, which we are (well, when on vacation) then you can buy meat right from the source.  We did run into one issue, though.  If you desire produce......like anything not frozen or canned........bring your own.  The grocery options were limited to the Dollar General and Evelyn's Pantry (which never seemed to be open) and the 'store behind Evelyn's Pantry' (also, never open and mysteriously without a name of its own).  There is also the Video/Gift/Gun shop which has a modest selection of potatoes and onions.  The town is cute and everyone is very friendly.  High's Restaurant should also be noted.  Wonderful breakfast!  We didn't go for lunch or dinner, but I'm sure as much love goes into that menu as well.  BTW, the restaurant complete with inventory, kitchen furnishing, and furnished apartment above is for sale.  $275k.  been in business for 60 years.  Just in case this blog reaches that special buyer!  Below are pics i took of the cabin and the website where you could contact the owners if you are interested in renting.

Riven Rock Farm
Laurel Run Cabin


Actually didn't take that many pics, sorry.  The dear is missing from the pics on the website, so i thought i'd bring him to you here.

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