Sunday, December 23, 2012

2nd Annual Laskey-Cooper Christmas Light Expedition!

A good time had by all!!

 Close to there ya go.

This is not on a weeping willow tree....maybe a homage to Avatar?

Not special, but we had not seen the Abominable Snow Man, so there he is (the bright white light)....just use your imagination!

We ended up in a golf community in on a golf cart, ta da!


Creepy dancing Santa in the top window......after midnight, we're told, it's the full Monty

Classy.......except for the creepy angel in the top window

Local tree that my kids insist on driving by as much as possible

Not really sure why i took this pic

Big Lots special.........."give me one of everything", much?

Each year we go by, each year we try to take a pic, maybe next year it will work.

red and green festival

Another local house

And our favorite!  Had their own radio transmitter with sign directing you to which station to tune into....lights went with the music, of course.  To top it off, the guy living there came out and gave us candy canes.  probably trying to get rid of since we sat there for so freaking long!  
In case you are interested, this is at 20 Bridgecreek Ct, Stafford, VA


So, 3 years ago, our family suffered the loss of my mother-in-law.  It, like I'm sure many people have experienced, literally ripped the family apart.  So many emotions, so many unspoken words, all coming together to an explosive and devastating head.  In just a few hours, not only did we deal with the death, but we lost 3 of our 5 nieces and a sister in a very loud exchange of feelings.  At that time, I had only the one child, but I had been so much a part of the lives of the 3 girls, that I felt as though I had lost 3 of my own.  There was a definite divide in the family and everyone took sides and parted ways.  I dearly love our 2 other nieces, but the loss was sorely felt.  But what were we supposed to do?  Sometimes, don't you wish you could hit CTRL+Z (undo) on life? I now realize, though, that whether it was at that moment or months or years down the road, the same scenario was bound to occur.  Just so much bottled up stuff.  Anyhow, for 3 years we have moved on.  Each family with their own triumphs, their own moments, their own hard times.   In those 3 years, 2 babies were born, moves were made, kids GREW (a lot!).  A little while ago, by the grace of Facebook, a connection was little step at a time.......a few likes here and there, a few comments, gradually messaging back and forth......

Now, if you've ever been in a similar situation, you know the stakes are always high.  Everyone nervous about the other party, about what they're thinking, feeling, etc.  You also have to take into account outside parties.......will they feel betrayed?  Will they be honest with themselves and understand your needs?  All that in mind, you sometimes just have to take a leap of faith.  I ached for those girls so much, I couldn't backtrack.......finally on the path I had hoped to find for so long....just had to keep going regardless of any impending cliffs and hope for a field of flowers..well, guess what?  LOTS OF FLOWERS!!!!  

As we walked into the restaurant  I really tried to hold back the tears, but I couldn't.  I just held those girls and my sister-in-law for all I was worth.  Met my new niece and introduced my youngest.  We spent several hours with them and, though it put me driving over a yucky mountain (btw, all mountains are yucky late at night) in the pitch dark, every moment was worth it!

Wishing you and yours a Christmas as blessed as our own this year!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Send me a Color for my Birthday!!!

Ever find yourself looking at the top right corner of your FB page and just saying happy birthday to whomever of your friends is listed for the day?  I know I'm guilty!  It's a social norm, an expectation, a "thing you do".  Same with all the "Happy ________ Days" throughout the year.  They are routine, a quick few keys so that you've fulfilled your obligation.

And as receivers of these wishes, we all know it's viewed in much the same way; you read who has sent you the message, smile, and then move on.  It's a moment.  But, have you ever really stopped to think about what you might actually want to say or how you hope the person's day is?

I would like to start a new tradition!!!  How about sending the person a color!!!  yes, a color!  Something a little more descriptive and personal that takes more than a moment to absorb?  I'm a visual person and I truly believe in the power of colors to enhance your mood, a situation, a relationship,.......a whole day!

So, here's the challenge......I am quickly approaching the next notch on the, instead of sending me a "Happy Birthday" send me a color, like:

Have a pretty in pink day!
Have a giggly green day!
Have a smiley yellow day!

Get it?

I will, in turn, send you something entirely unique and uplifting and personal on your special day.  Also, pass on this little tradition and we'll make those all important days that much brighter!!!!