Monday, March 25, 2013

Did Mary Poppins's Purse Catch Fire?

It's no secret that I carry luggage and call it a purse.  I just like a big purse!  It's so much easier than trying to carry a purse and a diaper bag and any of the other miscellaneous items that moms just....need.  However, after today's incident, I'll try to keep a better eye on the items contained within!  Sitting in a dentist's waiting room, I reached into my purse to retrieve my nook for Mikey to play, it was hot to the touch.  Now, it is in a case, so it was actually the case that was hot; so after a frantic check, I determined that something else was hot outside of the case and not the nook.....thank goodness.  Reaching back in my purse, something was definitely blazing hot and I could now smell the heat......what on earth could it be??!!  I Carefully located a small pocket of hell in my purse, apparently, I had taken off a metal bracelet a couple of weeks ago and tossed it in my purse.....and, apparently it landed in the same pocket with some spare AA batteries I had for my camera......somehow the bracelet had encircled one of the batteries and made contact with both ends for a period of time.  Glad we sat down when we did!  Any longer, and I probably would have had smoke and a small fire.  The freaking battery was soooooo hot, I had to use one of the kids' back-up shirts to remove it and then let it sit out in the open for about an hour before it was cool enough to be safely thrown away.  So, here it is, a Monday AND it's snowing AND I have a dentist appointment AND there I am carrying around a single battery on a shirt through the dentist's office trying not to start a fire.  Of all things..........

Is there already a National Clean Out Your Purse Day?  If not, can we make it today?


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boys' Room Follow-up

So, a few changes to the original design, but I think the best art does, right?  I can't show you a picture of the ocean wall just yet because there is still a dresser in front of it and a bunch of junk yet to go through.  A BIG thank you to Heather for all her hard painting work!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boys' Room: The Design

So, we're having another baby and we have a 3 bedroom house....guess who gets to share a room?  They are actually very excited about it.  Plans are for bunk beds  but unbunked for now, a wider dresser to accommodate both sets of clothes and my reading chair.  We don't allow toys in the bedrooms, however, I'm taking this opportunity to finally do something wonderful to their room!  I decided on a "My Favorite Things" theme, have done a bit of research on the 'P' and finally have some sketches.  Now, just to get the sketches up on the wall and convince some wonderful friends to come and help paint.  The rooms are already a nice sky blue color, so we won't have to do a background, just to 'scenes'.  So excited!!!  Here are the sketches I've come up with.

The Ocean: the ship will actually be an iron ship that my great uncle welded for my grandparents.  The open area is the closet door.

Ocean and Space:  The ocean wall runs into the space wall.  Complete with rocket and sandcastle.  at the bottom right there is the end of a train track that runs into the next wall.

Jungles and Trains: here is the train track complete with train and a jungle in the back.  We already have some of those stick-up jungle animals that the boys can place around the jungle scene.

Dinosaurs: the train track from the joining wall ends in the hills here where the dinosaurs are!  Off the right is where the ocean joins...but not a very good transition other than the door and a sun.

Hopefully we can pull this off and have some great pictures to put up later!