Thursday, September 17, 2015

Faerie Birthday

My daughter, my only baby girl, turned 2!  I decided to do a Faerie Birthday.  I wanted to make it fun, but not go too overboard like Pinterest kept screaming at me to is what I went with:

Colors:  Pink and Yellow and i stuck with just some balloons and tablecloths and the tableware
Food:  various wraps, some chips, veggies, and of course, pickles (my little one LOVES pickles!)
Activities:  We made faerie gardens and played with bubbles.

As the kids arrived, I had them paint little birdhouses i found at Michael's for their faeries.



Then while they dried, they ate and then we played with bubbles using special bubble wands that my nieces and i put together. Bubble Wands

Then we put the faerie gardens together.  I found plastic bowls at walmart that were just big enough.  We put in just a bottom layer of dirt then we sprinkled glitter all over the dirt to make the garden magical so the faeries could find them.  I found small bottles of glitter at the dollar store near the nail polish.  they are supposed to be for nail art, but they fit the bill here!  Then we covered the glitter with more dirt and then added the houses.  I set out bowls of glass beads, rocks and shells and let them go crazy.  I even found some butterflies in the fake flower area of Michael's that we could attach to the little houses.  I think the kids loved them!


For the cake, i tried playing with fondant for the first time.  Found out i need some practice, but i don't think it was too bad for my first attempt.

For favors, we made hidden faeries flowers.  I used an idea I found on Pinterest and then, instead of just stuffing tissue paper in the center, i hid a faerie that i got from Amazon in it.  Each flower was different so they would have their own special friend.  Flower tutorial

Here is my step by step guide to make these: Faerie Favors

Faerie Favors

Start with a small square of tissues paper, this is about 10x10

place the faerie inside and wrap it up


Tuck it inside the toilet paper tube

now, fold up a longer piece of tissues paper, and cut the top to look like a single petal.

Unroll the paper and attach it to a side of your tube.


Roll all the way and tuck the bottom end into the tube


Then fluff your petals