Friday, May 1, 2015

Z is for Zarf and other Z Words (what else?)

A little contribution to your vocabulary:

zyzzyva - an American weevil or small beetle

Zymurgy - the branch of chemistry concerned with fermentation processes in brewing, etc

Zygomorphic - (of a flower) capable of being cut in only one plane so that the two halves are mirror images

Zarf - (esp in the Middle East) a holder, usually ornamental, for a hot coffee cup

zex - a tool for cutting roof slate

That's probably enough to get you through some tough sports in scrabble or words with friends, eh?

Thanks for another great a-z challenge!

Y is for Yesterday

Yesterday was the end of this year's challenge, and yet, here I am, on the 1st of May, trying to complete my last two entries.  I don't know if you are following the events in Baltimore, but today, they announced the charges 6 police offices are being accused of and gave the play by play of events leading to the sad death of Freddy Grey.  My initial response was, good.  Choices equal consequences.  Then upon talking to my rather-more-opinionated and analytical friend, am just sad about the whole situation.  The officers don't have a chance, no matter what the eventual verdict is.  Their only chance might be with an entire new identity and location, and that's if any of them are found not guilty.  And then there is the root cause.  The culture barriers.  For those of us who grew up.......well.......white......we won't ever understand.  We, for a majority of us, were raised that police protect us and are safety.  For the other side, cops are the enemy.  Something to be frightened of.  Someone out to get you just because you exist.  I imagine the only people who can understand both ways are those individuals who came out of a rough, mistrusting environment and became police officers.  This incident has brought more attention to the divide that exists, however, I'm not sure there is any immediate answer.  And in a time where the Me-generation (a generation accustomed to instant gratification) is taking on the big issues and leading the way........well.......i just don't know.....i fear we may not have hit bottom yet and are not a place where real changes can be made yet, as scary as that sounds.  Ah well, we shall see.  All we can do is hope that a leader emerges and can bring hope.  Most of us, including myself to be honest, is continue to live each day the best we can and raise our children with a sense of right and wrong without extremes.