Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do You Know A Funnier Joke?

My first post as a mom of 3 and a mom of a girl, at that.  I have to say, it's only a little different, so far.  You use a lot more wipes and there is A LOT of pink and purple!  Also, one thing this girl seems to do that her brothers never did........she has the ability to shoot her......for lack of more sophisticated word, poop.  The boys, I was used to covering them up to avoid a shower.....but how do you avoid this?  Just at the moment I life her little booty up to remove the old diaper......there she goes.  Has now gotten me a couple of times!  This afternoon, she did it in the presence of her brothers.  Mikey nearly wet his pants laughing!  I asked him why he was laughing (sarcastically, of course.  I’m not that dumb).  He looked at me and between giggles said, "Well, can you think of a better joke?"  

I'm in trouble.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Lego Hell.....I mean Land

Legos.....tiny little foot torture devices masquerading as colorful childhood play things.  I swear, the little spikes seem to multiply all over the house........I'm pretty sure I'm not buying more, but there always seem to be.......more!  Now, I do value the brain development and quiet play that result from the demon blocks, but how i despise their inability to be completely picked up or put away.......so, I ran to Pintrest to find comfort in other's attempts to conquer the devil cubes.  I found a unique bag that lays out flat and wide so that a large number of Lego's can be sorted and searched through without coming in contact with my floor and then cleaned up quickly and without a lot of drama.  Guess what?  Only took me 3 weeks to finally get around to sewing the thing.  And I bet you'll wonder about the color; well, purple seemed to be the only color that didn't result in the camouflaging of large quantities of the pieces.  Hopefully, we have a solution.....I'll let you know.

 Large enough to stay "on your side!"

Best thing is, I found one of these on amazon and they wanted $52 for it......
...i think I spent maybe $15.  Score!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Owl Feet or Foot Owls?

Guess what?  Found something cute on my favorite site, again.  I have a bathroom cabinet in our downstairs powder room that has two glass doors.  The cabinet is packed full of medicines and such and quite unsightly.  A couple of years ago, my fab hubby, suggested I do some kind of art project with the boys to cover the windows.  So, the tradition began.......now every time I change the season decor in the house, we do a project for the bathroom.  So far, I've stuck with painting made from hand prints and foot prints and finger prints and then I save them and we pull them out and see how much the boys have grown.  Not sure what i'll do with 3 kids, but we'll figure it out at Christmas, i suppose.  Our autumn pictures this year is owls made from foot prints.  I think they're cute.  I was skeptical as we were making them, but they came out pretty cute.