Thursday, April 9, 2015

G is for Grass

Grass.  Horrible, useless, pointless, nuance.   We bought our first house thinking we wanted a yard and have spent the last 5 years trying to figure out what to do to it so we don't have to mow it or think about it.  If you ask the environmentalists, they'd probably agree with me and give me a variety of other plants that would be of better use to us and the environment.  thing is, that costs money....that i would rather spend on anything else but my dumb yard.  anyway, what made me think of grass, you ask?  This new commercial on the radio about some turf builder stuff.  The people are literally singing about not have to weed their lawns...i want to know who in their right mind goes out into the yard and cares that freaking much that they get down on hands an knees and weeds their stupid grass?  I want that kind of time in my day!  I'd probably use it go blow those dandelion buds in their yards!  *evil laugh*

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  1. I hear you! When we moved into our house over ten years ago, there was a lush, green paradise surrounding our home. Now it's a dandelion field, a clover field, not to mention the wild geraniums that are quickly taking over. Most of our neighbors have chemical companies spray their lawns every year, but we don't. It's expensive, potentially harmful to humans, and definitely not good for bees. So save the bees, let the clover grow!