Saturday, April 21, 2018

S I am!

2012 - Saturday and Sunday - aww!  apparently, i announced i was prego that year.  I didn't end up carrying that one very long, but the memory is there. 

2013 - Scotland - Still in love with all my Scotland Peeps and WILL come back someday!!  I promise!!

2014 - Seasons - I did get all of my winter stuff down, finally, and spring decor is up!  yay me.

2015 - Spring Already - time to put some freaking seeds in the ground!

See ya laterz!

R You Ready?

2012 - Renovations - Well, the HVAC has been paid off, the garden boxes are in need a re-renovations and we DO have anew roof now.  Yippee!

2013 - Rockets - rocket launchers.  geez.  there's a memory.

2014 - Romance - i still think romance the everyday stuff, not huge gestures. 

2015 - Running Across Tarmacs - bet field trip that accidentally turned cool!

And here I am, Running off again!  too much life to inhabit!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Q-ing up!

2012 - Questionable Taste - dang, that was a bad.......awful.......hideous post.  i'm so sorry.

2013 - Quality - so, apparently 5 years ago, i was still figuring things out.  i'm not really sure i recognize myself in this post.  what on earth.

2014 - Qat and Qi - awesome words for scrabble or words with friends!!

2015 - Quieting the Mama Bear - ah, yes, my anti-guns rant.  yup, still me.

Gives PPPPPP a chance!

2012 - Painting with Crayons - still one of the coolest projects i ever did with the kids.  I really should do this again with mini-me.

2013 - Planting - It is about that time to get started, isn't it?  sigh.

2014 - Procrastination - I can't help it.  I'm pretty good at time management, until I'm not.  Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who sees 20 mins and doesn't think I'm late or nearly late, i think about what else i can do with it and then.......I'm late.  and sometimes i don't get everything done ahead of time enough. 

2015 - Post Game - once again,

O Boy!

2012 - Observation - Watched the space shuttle fly over my head on the back of a plane.  still a cool thing to remember!

2013 - Observations - take time to look; you'll find something funny!  i promise!

2014 - Orange - Orange is still the safest and most consistent flavor.  Once again, Mom was right!

2015 - Organizing Everything - Still not sure what i was thinking being the coach of a little league team!

O!  I'm soooooo far behind!!

N it to Win it

2012 - Nine New Neckties, Nightshirt, Nose - good book!

2013 - Nasty! - I could really use something nasty right now.  stressful day.  stressful week.  ack.

2014 - Nights - nights are getting better as the kids grow!  If you have itty-bitties, fear not, sleep will slowly return!

2015 - Naps - I'm still not sure about naps for me.  i fell asleep once last week in the middle of the day and everyone was worried!

Not really feeling a new N tonight.

Sunday, April 15, 2018


2012 - Managing - I want to scowl at this post.  In fact, I am.  I feel like mimicking my daughter "whatever!".  Just do your life, don't dramatize it!

2013 - Manipulating Preschool Energy - still attempting to raise my little tidy multitaskers.... and now there are 3!

2014 - Money - not enough.  it comes in, it goes out.  sigh.

2015 - this was a double post from the L (i combined L and M) and I've already praised myself for it. :)