Sunday, April 29, 2018

Y Not?

2012 - Yesterday - I still have not read Mary Poppins, the book.

2013 - Youngin's - Still going through phases.......sigh.  And, thus concludes 2013. 

So, in 6 years, I've only made it completely through Once before?!  Wow.

X-use me

2012 - X-Ray - too perfect.  X would have been Friday's post, and 6 years later, i finally got the all clear from my orthopedic surgeon that my carpal tunnel is done and my incision is completely healed.

2013 - eXecellent Dinner - ahh, yes, my Monsoon Wedding themed dinner party.  Good times.  Too much work.

2015 - eXpress Yourself Through Poetry - perhaps not.  And...that concludes 2015 apparently.

W, Double Me

2012 - Winter - it's kind of bittersweet looking at this post.  I was anticipating the whirlwind of the holidays surrounding the delivery of a 3rd child; but that one wasn't meant to be.

2013 - Writing - i was thinking about this today.  I think this may be my last year of the blogger challenge, at least for a while.  I've found i just don't have the need to write right now.  Sometimes, it's therapeutic, but this year has been more of a homework assignment that I've set for myself. 

2015 - Wondering About Random Things - i do still wonder about random things; but now people have neatly put them into clever meme videos and i don't have to wonder if I'm the only one anymore.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Are V having fun yet?

2012 - Vision - ha ha ha ha ha!

2013 - Viewing Television - now the argument has gone beyond HD or SD, now it's 4K or 8K?

2014 - Visitors - I love people to come over!  This is also, apparently, as far as i made it in 2014, so no more look-backs for this year.

2015 - Very Relaxing - More about our little cabin and weekend away.  Did i mention they don't have vegetables in the mountains?

Are U Ready?

2012 - Unkempt - still a very strange word.

2013 - Using this post to promote - ahh, yes, my birthday box adventure.  i really do love this cause and i really need to get back to it, but i'm not sure i have the time just now.

2014 - Underwear - hmm...

2015 - Us - Aww!  our tiny house weekend in the mountains, in the rain, with no vegetables to be found except in the frozen section of the dollar general.  memories!

T, anyone?

2012 - Talking - the non-talker doesn't shut up now.  love that boy!

2013 - TV - i still don't watch much tv.  sigh.

2014 - Time - i use all my time!  no wasting here!

2015 - Taking a Moment - to be or not to be?  why are we here?

too much to dooooo!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

S I am!

2012 - Saturday and Sunday - aww!  apparently, i announced i was prego that year.  I didn't end up carrying that one very long, but the memory is there. 

2013 - Scotland - Still in love with all my Scotland Peeps and WILL come back someday!!  I promise!!

2014 - Seasons - I did get all of my winter stuff down, finally, and spring decor is up!  yay me.

2015 - Spring Already - time to put some freaking seeds in the ground!

See ya laterz!