Saturday, September 22, 2018

Dinosaur Birthday - Take 2 - Girl Style!

Another Dinosaur birthday is in the books!  We had a great time and A LOT of kids!  I did some of the same things I did with my older son's birthday, but many changes.

The invitation my daughter chose was not so cutesy as her brothers:

For the food: 
Dino Dogs - hot dogs in buns, cut in half
Dino Nuggets - chicken nuggets i lucked into at Aldi in the shape of dinosaurs
dinosaur claws - bugles
dinosaur bones - pretzels
protozoic slime rolls - spinach rolls
veggies and dip
orange punch

Giant T-rex balloon, pink and green spotted balloons, pink and green streamers, and dinosaur foot prints leading up to the house.


Dinosaur hatch.  Found these dinosaur eggs on Amazon that hatch in water.  So, we hid the eggs around the yard and i had mason jars with water.  The first thing the kids did was find an egg and drop it in the water.  we put their names on the jar.  It took quite a while for the hatching to begin, but by the end of the party, most eggs had started to split.

Dinosaur Dig.  I found dinosaur skeletons on Amazon and buried them in a sand pile.  The kids were each given a paint brush to unearth their skeletons.

I also found geodes on Amazon and with a couple of hammers, each kids ended up with a bag of crystals.

To end, we played dino stomp.  I had cut a bunch of dino footprints from different colors and we put together a play list of dinosaur music.  had the kids walk around, cake-walk style, and then called colors.  if you were on that color, you got a lizard and then got to sit in the middle.  once everyone had a lizard, they were all sitting down and ready for cake.

Cake:  layered dirt cake.  I made regular dirt cake and layered it with sprinkles and then marshmallows.  we pressed little plastic dinosaurs into the centers and as they ate, they dug through the layers like little paleontologists to find their dinosaurs.

each got to take home their jar, a skeleton, a lizard, dinosaurs, and a dino tattoo that i just picked up because i was on a role buying dinosaur stuff.

1.5hrs and done!  :)

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Y Not?

2012 - Yesterday - I still have not read Mary Poppins, the book.

2013 - Youngin's - Still going through phases.......sigh.  And, thus concludes 2013. 

So, in 6 years, I've only made it completely through Once before?!  Wow.

X-use me

2012 - X-Ray - too perfect.  X would have been Friday's post, and 6 years later, i finally got the all clear from my orthopedic surgeon that my carpal tunnel is done and my incision is completely healed.

2013 - eXecellent Dinner - ahh, yes, my Monsoon Wedding themed dinner party.  Good times.  Too much work.

2015 - eXpress Yourself Through Poetry - perhaps not.  And...that concludes 2015 apparently.

W, Double Me

2012 - Winter - it's kind of bittersweet looking at this post.  I was anticipating the whirlwind of the holidays surrounding the delivery of a 3rd child; but that one wasn't meant to be.

2013 - Writing - i was thinking about this today.  I think this may be my last year of the blogger challenge, at least for a while.  I've found i just don't have the need to write right now.  Sometimes, it's therapeutic, but this year has been more of a homework assignment that I've set for myself. 

2015 - Wondering About Random Things - i do still wonder about random things; but now people have neatly put them into clever meme videos and i don't have to wonder if I'm the only one anymore.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Are V having fun yet?

2012 - Vision - ha ha ha ha ha!

2013 - Viewing Television - now the argument has gone beyond HD or SD, now it's 4K or 8K?

2014 - Visitors - I love people to come over!  This is also, apparently, as far as i made it in 2014, so no more look-backs for this year.

2015 - Very Relaxing - More about our little cabin and weekend away.  Did i mention they don't have vegetables in the mountains?

Are U Ready?

2012 - Unkempt - still a very strange word.

2013 - Using this post to promote - ahh, yes, my birthday box adventure.  i really do love this cause and i really need to get back to it, but i'm not sure i have the time just now.

2014 - Underwear - hmm...

2015 - Us - Aww!  our tiny house weekend in the mountains, in the rain, with no vegetables to be found except in the frozen section of the dollar general.  memories!

T, anyone?

2012 - Talking - the non-talker doesn't shut up now.  love that boy!

2013 - TV - i still don't watch much tv.  sigh.

2014 - Time - i use all my time!  no wasting here!

2015 - Taking a Moment - to be or not to be?  why are we here?

too much to dooooo!!!