Saturday, September 16, 2017

Princess Party!

Today we had a Princess Party for Little Miss turning 4!!  Specifically, she wanted Sofia the First, but as usual, we used the theme without really over-using the theme.......hence, Princess Party!  Invitations were a purple "royal" looking invite.

Then I created a castle front for the house, complete with torches made my oldest.  He did such a great job!

I had some leftover shields and swords from a Cub Scout event, so i hung those in the hall and around my fireplace.  I also created a castle arch going from my kitchen into the family room.
The cake was done by an amazing friend!  We made finger sandwiches and had the birthday girl's favorites (Cheetos puffs and funions).  Also served some of 'Clover's Veggies'.  Cute, huh? :)

As activities, the kids painted tea cups.  We used acrylic paints that i knew would dry fast.  Then they used watercolors to paint picture of 'nature'.  Used - card stock, stuffed animals, paint brushes.

Then they had a flying derby relay.  my oldest and a friend created the course and ran the game.  the kids were in two teams and they had to do the course on blow-up hobby horses i got on Amazon.


To end, we planted flowers in our tea cups.  She had such a good time!!  My princess!

Underwater Party

When little Miss turned 3!  We did an underwater party.  She wanted Nemo, but at the time Dory had jsut come out, so it was difficult to find specifically Nemo stuff.  Invitations looked like fish bowls. For decorations, i made fish cut from paint samples you can get from anywhere that sells paint and then covered all the windows with streams that i twisted and taped down.

 We made 'squishy's' with colored glitter glue and liquid starch.  We made octopi (octopuses) with paper plates and streamers.

  Then we did a "mine, mine, mine" game with straws and skittles and plates.  

The cake was a Nemo cake I made.

Master Chef Junior Party

I'm really behind!  The Master Chef Junior Party was when J turned 6!!  Invitations were an apron with a spoon in the pocket and the spoon had information on it.  When kids arrived, they got an apron and a chef's hat.  Then they got to make their own pizza.  I used nan bread and then offered basic toppings.

Then they did a taste testing game.  I had 15 ingreidents and they had to guess what they were by taste or smell (whatever they wanted).

Then we did a game where they had to eat donuts off of strings dangling from a stick.

Then we made ice cream (the tradition begins).  Another great time!

Pokemon Birthday

Hey all!  it's been a while!  Like, really.  I should almost be forced to start over completely.  OH well.  I will try to catch up on some of the birthday parties we've done since the last post.  I'll start with the Pokemon Party.  J turned 7!  He wanted Pokemon.  I started by ordering 2 packages of 25 little Pokemon figurines on Amazon.  I also ordered a pack of 50 of those balls you usually get out of the those $.25 machines.  Most were already half colored, so I just had to color in some of the details like the black belt around the red and white ball.  Put a figurine in each and then we hid them all over the backyard and the kids had to go find them.
We gave them each a bag and they got to find 4 each.

We also did a make-your-own Pokemon station.  I ordered a large pack of pom poms and pipe cleaners and got some googly eyes.

Then we had a game where they had to balance something on a Popsicle stick between their teeth and carry it down to the bucket.  i used dice for the 'thing'.

Food was a giant doughnut cake made to look like a poke ball.  I also had pizzas decorated like pokeballs.  We also made ice cream, which seems to be becoming a tradition with my middle son.  A good time!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

First Annual Family Christmas Pajama Challenge!


Thought we'd have a little fun this year.........and since my bestie and I can be very competitive...... we're going to have a family Christmas Pajama challenge!

Here are the specifics:

1.  All kids pajamas MUST be completely homemade.
2.  Adult pajamas MUST have at least 1 piece made of the same fabric, but may include store-bought clothing to complete the ensemble.
3.  You must provide a family photo of everyone in their pajamas.
4.  Deadline is Dec. 1.
5.  You MUST have fun with this!
6.  Comment below to let us know you're in!
7. Voting will take place from Dec 2nd through 9th.

Will you take the challenge???

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fairly Successful Eggs

So, we followed directions......mostly.......and did OK..........mostly.  We determined that the onion peels are way better for this project, that mommy should have used the entire head of cabbage and that carrots (and a pinch of saffron) are only good if you want beige eggs.  Here are the pics in all their glory!

collected stuff from outside with cool shapes, wrapped them up in old pantyhose.  Wait, who am I kidding?!  Never-worn pantyhose.......who wears that anymore?

Placed them in the pots with their vegetation.


30 minutes of boiling and 3 hours (yes, 3) of sitting and....ta da!

Here are all of them in the carton so you can see there is some color to the beige ones.

So, Charlie, challenge accepted and accomplished!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Easter Eggs......"the old way?"

We are celebrating in a rather non-traditional way this year.......instead of Easter (i know it was like 2 weeks ago), we are celebrating the Spring Equinox (also forever ago, i know).  Calender's syncing up, though, right?  I'm going to try and decorate some eggs using leaves and flowers as pressed stencils and use foods in boiling water to color them.  A video of how to do it was posted to my Facebook feed and I got dared.  My kids are excited about it.  Anyone ever do this?  Tips?  Stories?