Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Candy wrapper Creativity

Boom!  2 C's in the title!  So, what seems like forever ago, we asked friends and family to save up food wrappers from popular junk food.  Once we got enough together, we were going to make something with them, only I forgot to read the WHOLE project and then needed to order both iron-on vinyl AND zippers.  Then, i needed to wedge in some time to figure it out.  Guess what?  It finally happened.  I have so far made 2 bags.  First one was the intended project........turned out to be too the second one is the new intended project.  Eventually, I'll manage to make the rest of them.

 First, I laid the wrappers together, tetris style and used a little tape to hold them in place

 then followed the directions with the vinyl and ironed them.

this is what a sheet of them looks like together.

 this was the first bag.  supposed to be a triangular pencil bag,  those end pieces are freaking hard.

 so, i went with flat the next go around.

much easier!

I got the idea and followed the basic directions found on this blog: Sweet Tooth Pouch

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