Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Q is for Quieting the Mama Bear

My boys had their first 'fight' with other children yesterday.  This fight involved my eldest son standing up for my younger son after one child apparently 'shot' him.  I will keep my soapbox low to the ground for tonight, but i do not believe that children playing with guns is in anyway appropriate.  Guns are serious and should remain so.  They are a tool for certain activities.  Activities that should require training and respect for the device.  Hunters, Military, Law Enforcement.  Done.  When i ask where my son is and I am told "he's hiding because he's the victim"......that's not OK.  Not at all.  OK, I'm done with that.  Anyway, i heard the arguing from outside and went to the front door where i......did not rush outside to straighten it out......i, instead, watched from the screen door as my eldest laid down the laws and then announced that he was 'done!'  and came marching in the house.  We had a talk later, where i warned him about getting too much into people's faces because not everyone will always show restraint and he could have ended up with a black-eye, but i also told him how proud i was of him and how much maturity he showed in not only standing up to someone but standing up for his brother.  But back to my title......i squashed the instinct to rush out and fix it all and am proud of myself as am i proud of my boy.

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