Sunday, April 5, 2015

E is for Easter (and Peep Dueling)

I'm a day early because I don't know what this week might hold for me.  So, Easter!  We have this little-known tradition in our family.  It's called Peep Dueling.  "Peep dueling?" you ask?  Yes.  Take 2 peeps, face them to each other, put a toothpick in each of their wings, and stick them in the microwave.  They get really big and then when the cycle is done (about 30 seconds), they deflate and whichever one stabs the other, wins.  Call us crazy, but do it with love! :)

(don't mind the conversation in the background)

Red Wins!!


  1. this is too funny! Never heard of peep fights but will need to remember this for next year. My mom n law loves peeps!
    Stopping by from the a to z challenge.

  2. Sorry if this posts twice, there was a glitch....I heard about peep fights on the radio this weekend, and now I have a visual to go with it. Thanks for posting for A to Z!