Wednesday, April 15, 2015

L and M are for Letter to My Kids

So, I'm catching up with a combo post.  I'm actually not sure why this topic popped in my head today, but i had my entire commute to think about it and, well, here goes...

Dear Kids,

     Hello my babies; you will always be my babies.  There are so many things I want in life for you and so many things I really don't want for you and so many things I hope I can pass on to you.  Roll your eyes if you must, but at least consider what I have to say:

1.  Take time to look around.  Don't be the one in the car who didn't see the ducks or the helicopter or the flowers.  Always be aware of what's around you and take time to notice things without judgement.  Just look and see.

2.  Believe in something; even if that means you believe in non-belief.  Don't believe in just anything someone else tells you to believe, either, unless you really feel it, but remember, keep an open mind to other ideas anyway because, surprise, you just might be wrong.

3.  Plant stuff.  Flowers, vegetables, ideas.  It's good for the sole and for the planet.

4.  It's pretty safe to say that the Golden Rule is universal and will always apply.

5.  Love who you love.  Don't ever be afraid to admit you love someone.  And remember, you live in a different time now and you don't have to hide your love.  Man, woman, black, white, rainbow, alien....doesn't matter.  If you love them, that's that.  In any case, your momma is going to throw one heck of a party!

6.  Bullies exist.  These are people afraid of something.  They want you to be afraid too so they aren't alone and they feel like the world is more even or that they have something to be powerful over.  Feel sorry for them, but don't put up with it.  Don't fight, though.  Tell someone in charge and tell your Mom and Dad.  Momma and Papa Bear will come out and handle it.

7.  We had you because we wanted you very much.  We had more than one of you because we wanted to give you a team.  You are each other's playmates and the only other people in the world who understand the craziness that are your parents.  You need each other.  Love each other.

8.  Get a credit card and lock it up.

9.  Have dessert.  Not too much, but do enjoy the lovely flavors this world has to offer.

10.  You WILL do something beyond high school.  This was a promise from my parents to me and I pass it on to you.  You DO NOT have a choice to live in my house and do nothing.  College, military, trade school.  Pick one.  You're going.  It is my job to make sure you have the best foundation possible.  A high school diploma doesn't cut it, so start planning.  You can always come home, but that's only a temp solution!

and finally..

11.  Babies.  Here's the short story.....if you have sex, you will eventually get or get someone pregnant.  If you get pregnant, you better have a way to support that baby, because I've already done my time. Don't have a baby until the thought of mucus, puke, and other bodily fluids that YOU have to clean up doesn't totally disgust you.  Wait until you or the mom have the luxury of taking off 6-8 weeks to be with that baby and you know you have a job to go back to and some form of income still coming in.  Don't have to hide a pregnancy.  It's a very exciting time, make it the best it can be!

That's it (for now).

So, my babies, I love you and will always be in your corner, whether you want me there or not.  Live your life the best you can and learn a thing or two along the way!

Love, Mom


  1. Such a great list, Jenna! (sorry if this posted twice).

  2. Hi Mama Jenna! I'm visiting you from the #AtoZChallenge. Just want to let you know that I think you're an awesome mom and you're list is fantastic. Your kids may not appreciate it today, but one day, this will be a treasure. Drop by for a visit when you have a free moment. HUGS!