Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Hippie

After yesterday's post, i thought I'd lighten up a little.  Today's question, Are you a Hippie?  What kind are you?  Mind you, when I say hippie, I'm referring to the modern-day hippie, aka, "Crunchies".  

Our post-workday commute discussion determined there are two extremes on the Crunchie spectrum.  

A.  The Yuppie Hippie : One who has the means to spends a lot of money to make a point.  Everything is organic, they will only buy from a set list of both environmentally and human rights efficient businesses, and they probably own only hybrids.  

B.  "Nearly Amish".  I probably don't need to elaborate any further on the end of the scale.  

Apparently, i fall somewhere in between, only probably more to the Amish side of center.  Now, while I have always thought that I would enjoy living and working in a closed community for a short time now and then, that full time existence is just not for me.  I enjoy growing my own food and making do with whatever i can find to make into something else, but also enjoy planning elaborate children's parties complete with matching napkins...i love matching napkins (guilty pleasure).

So, are you a fellow cruncher?    

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  1. In the seventies I really thought I was a hippie in my heart, but I didn't know what that meant until I grew up and found out what being a hippie during the 60's and 70's meant -- and it wasn't this little country girl.