Thursday, April 4, 2013

C is for Cookie

Cookies are great.  Well, except for those pecan sandy things........and one could argue perhaps those mix tins of sugar cookies that no one knows when they were packed and they make a mess and you could use to them to play hockey with.  OK, really reaching on the topic this time, but oh well, can't be great all the time, right?  So, what's your favorite cookie?  Give me an old fashioned chocolate chip cookie anytime or oatmeal raisin (the guilt free cookie because it's got oats and fruit in it, right?).  Random cookie thought: why do they always have to put a macadamia nut in with the white chocolate chips?  why can't you just have a white chocolate chip cookie and call it good?  sigh.  Cookies.


  1. I am a chocolate chip cookie fan - hold the nuts. Our local supermarket does a great cookie with white, milk and dark chocolate chunks every now and then and they are fab :)

  2. where is this now? that sounds fab!