Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Busy

Why are we so busy?  It's not like we're busy surviving, well, not all of us anyway.  I concede that there are still groups of people that depend on constant work to survive, however, my pampered life, and I wager yours as well since you have the luxury of a computer, Internet access, and time to read blogs....., does not require me to do much to survive.  I get up, fix breakfast, go to work, come home, eat dinner, spend time with the kids, and go to bed......not much to the everyday "have to's".  So, why am I so busy?  Do I have this subconscious need to make every second count?  Maybe I'm in fear of missing something?  Not making a difference?  Side track....has anyone reading this ever been able to watch Extreme Home Makeover without feeling like a blubbering, useless, selfish piece of ....well, you get the picture.   Anyway, I guess i could blame my parents, (can't we all?)......always so busy, i grew up that way, that's the way life flowed, i don't know any difference....bla bla bla........yeah, i can't even finish that out, because, in truth, I did go almost entire year without doing anything.  I found out I was pregnant and decided I needed to quit everything and put all my energy into my new family........well, that lasted all of 9 months and 5 weeks........which is when we walked into our new church, 5 week old in tow........and so it began.  You can't go to church without joining something, right?  It's all about fellowship, you just can't go and be happy and not fill some of your time with fellowshipping!  Then, the kid started to grow, a house needed to be bought, church picnic's needed planning, birthday parties needed organizing, hostess parties needed hosting, and and and........another kid joined the mix, and as most parents know, they just aren't content to sit and be still........so you have to do stuff with them which means classes and sports and 'adventures' and then throw a couple holidays, more birthdays (not just your own anymore, we're talking every kid your kid has ever played with), trips (because you have to give them memories) and suddenly.........your calendar is booked and your shuffling those blocks on the calendar like a deck of cards in an unending game of go fish, or uno, or some other life-sucking game..........sigh.  Breathe.  So, getting back to my original question, why are we so busy, why do we do this to ourselves?  It's that primal need to continuously work at survival that now has to be satisfied with whatever you can find?  I know I'm not alone in this because otherwise I would be showing everywhere by myself!  Oh well, my parents did it and now seem to have time on their hands.......maybe it's just the dues we pay.  It's not like this blog is going to change anything either.  Not sure I'm ready for all that! :)  Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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  1. We're not busy? I think busy is in the details.

    Mostly I'm so busy because I'm a home schooling mom to 3, president of a children's organization, wife, housekeeper, composer, and writer. There's always another lesson to plan, a detail to finish up, a person to worry about, a song that needs work, a story I haven't finished, an evil dirty that needs obliterating, a network of blogging friends I don't interact with often enough, and that book I really REALLY want to drop everything for and read. =)

    Busy? Yup.