Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Using this Post to Promote!

Ok, so yeah, I'm stretching tonight on the letter usage, but oh well.....

It’s no secret that the Cooper family loves to do birthday parties, especially for our kids! It hurts to think that there are parents who want to do the same, but are unable to due to current economic circumstances.

Children are our most precious investment! They are a glimpse of our past, a light in the present, and hope for the future. Each child should be celebrated! 

Help us put together birthday kits for struggling families. Help another parent celebrate their child the way we all love to! Donations are needed of either cash donation or birthday items. Kits will be given to needy families from the Food Pantry at my church. Below are the contents of a Birthday kit with approximate cost.

Leave a comment if interested and I'll send you an address to send stuff to.

Birthday Box:

1 Birthday Bag (medium-large) to hold contents of kit
1 Box of Birthday Cake mix
1 Aluminum Pan
1 Tub of Frosting
1 Small container of Sprinkle
I box of Candles
1 Pack of 8 Plates (generic birthday print)
1 Pack of 8 Napkins (generic birthday print)
1 Pack of 8 Cups (generic birthday print)
1 Pack of 8 sets of utensils (bright colors)
1 Pack of Balloons
1 Pack of Streamers
1 $10 gift card (Walmart/Target/ToysRUs)

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  1. What a wonderful idea! I love that someone thought about disadvantaged families being able to celebrate as well as just get by. :) It makes my heart happy.