Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Eaters

Tonight, my children were Eaters!  They just would not be satisfied.  We had homemade chicken and cheese subs packed with veggies and even avocado........they both ate all of it.  Then they wanted apples.......they ate them completely.  Then it was, i want i want i want.....ack........a double growth spurt?  how could this happen?!  luckily, i managed to fool them a little with an old diet, have some water.  I'll even squeeze the sugarless stuff in it for you......yep, now, you're full, right?  Hey mom, when's dinner?  AAHHHH!!!  I guess this is just the preview of years to come.......makes me wonder if we would survive if this next baby is a boy too........3 teenagers..........when this one is 13, Jackson will have just turned 16, and Mikey will be almost 19........omg omg omg........breathe woman, breathe.  i can see my mother reading this right now with that raised eyebrow "well duh" sister is repeating, "never having them, never having them, never never never" least i can feel the sympathy radiating from my screen from the other mothers (and fathers) out there already mentally planning out the next addition to their homes with me......not a sun room, or a rec room, or even a nice porch, but a nice big walk-in pantry, floor to ceiling shelves that somehow i will manage to fill thanks to the miracle that is "Extreme Couponing".  Oh yes, there is hope!!!


  1. I have a teenaged son who is always hungry. Unfortunately, he sneaks snacks and then is never hungry for meals! ;-} Happy A to Z!


  2. I did that as a kid; i'll have to try to anticipate that scenario and be 'tricky' somehow with good stuff