Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Observations

A few observations of mine...

1.  Why do men think it's ok, even at work, to take a magazine into the bathroom with them?  I mean, really?   Do you have a charge string for that break?

2.  Women and bathrooms:  Ok, ladies, you know those times when you're at work or in a public restroom and you need to do a little more than tinkle?  And you walk in and there's someone else being very still and quiet in their stall and you sit down and it's uncomfortably quiet and you begin the 'challenge'....outlasting the other would never do anything with anyone else in the bathroom, so you sit and of your is bound to give up at some point and leave, right?  And, with observation 1, men take reading material, heck, they probably share it!

3.  In the elevator....ever notice the unwritten social norm of the appropriate order of people in which you leave the elevator?  First, women, of course, but always in order of age, oldest to youngest, then go the men in much the same order.  However, what happens when you like sexes and ages?  Who goes first?  Usually, whoever beats the other one to being 'the most polite'.  Such and awkward funny way we have.  Ever been in the elevator and someone breaches protocol?  I was once nearly run over by some punk teenager boy, I thought briefly about tripping is butt just to teach him a lesson.  Where is his mother!?

4.  Last, I am a people watcher.  I am very happy to be left sitting somewhere where there is a crowd just so I can observe people.  I can see my kids someday dropping off me and my walker at the airport just to sit and watch people and coming back for me several hours later and I would be perfectly happy!  Anyway, ever really observe someone that you have already developed an impression of?  Today I was in a meeting and one of the presenters is an older woman-of-a-certain-age.  Her hair is short and frosted.  She is usually in neatly pressed slacks, a blouse, a cardigan, matching jewelry, light make-up and sensible black Mary Jane type shoes.  She is very professional and proper and knows how to work a room while presenting.  I actually like her.  But today, I happened to look down at her feet while she was sitting and guess what I found?  Her stockings were......leopard print!  It was so unexpected I nearly laughed out loud!  I love it!  Just shows what you can learn if you step back and look.

See anything interesting today?


  1. You've made some very astute observations. It is amazing what you can discover about people when you take that second glance. :)

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  2. Haha, I love the leopard print stockings, I nearly laughed out loud too. :)

    Have fun with a-z.

  3. Oh I just hate having to try and 'outlast' someone in another stall :( The shame...

    Naomi @ Cornet Crafts

  4. Great description here, Jenna. Loved the leopard socks!

  5. I love people watching! More than anything I love overhearing people's conversations and figure out their story. My favorite conversations were in college hearing boyfriends and girlfriends discussing their relationships! Inspirefly