Monday, April 30, 2012

Y is for Yesterday

What a great song...

But, seriously, yesterday, I spent the day with my mother and sister seeing Mary Poppins at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore.  We started the day early, stopped by my friend's house so I could deliver the most gorgeous PINK princess dress to her daughter for her 3rd birthday, then we stopped at the B&O Restaurant for brunch, then off to the play!  It was pretty good.  I'm now set on actually reading the book!  To be honest, it never even occurred to me that it was a book.  However, once reading it, I will probably not be able to watch the movie in the same light.  Isn't that always the way?  I feel the same about Wicked, even though, I know that is a completely separate piece of literature from The Wizard of Oz......I now view the Wizard of Oz as a political propaganda meant to sway us to believe Elfaba (sp?) in order to promote the agenda of Oz......anyway, I’m getting totally sidetracked......hmm....oh yes, the play.  It was great and I have been singing "I’m practically perfect, in every way...” for most of the day.  Good stuff!

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