Friday, April 6, 2012

E is for Egg....follow up

Ok, here they are.  Not great, but i didn't want to dunk them in paint either, so sponged with faces painted on (sorta) they are.  And if i find out that someone put this on (mandy)  you will be in big trouble!  At least, now there are step by step pictures so someone can do it better!

 I like to use the egg cartons turned over to hold the eggs..only downside is that one carton only holds 5...

 Before faces

* only one pig was hurt in the making of this craft.  He sustained facial lacerations from a fall while posing for pictures.  He will probably be side-lined during game time.


  1. how cute
    do check out my F at GAC a-z

  2. Those are adorable! Great job, and how appropriate is it that a pig got hurt? Real life Angry Birds!

    A-Z @ Elizabeth Twist

  3. There's no way these should go onto CraftFail! We're doing ours tonight.

  4. These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing he images!

  5. Those are cute.
    Hope you're having fun with the Challenge!

  6. They look great! I bet the kids had a blast. Next year they can do Angry Birds Space. lol

  7. Those are really cute! I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge blogs this month.