Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Easter Eggs, of course!

So, that special time is only a few days away!  The eggs are hard-boiled - i hope - and ready to go.  You know, it's funny, but 'how to hard boil an egg' is always a new concept to me.  for some reason, i can NEVER remember from one time to the next what on earth i'm supposed to do!  So, i looked it up.  Now my refrigerator smells like eggs, but it's not awful, so i hope i did it right.  This year, the little one and I are going to make Angry Bird eggs.  Saw it on, where else, Pintrest!  Only, i have not been able to find any instructions for them.  There are a couple of demos out there for making angry bird things, however, the picture of the eggs that is circulating seems to just be a picture and not attached to a blog anywhere.  Best i can figure out is that they did it with acrylics.  How else do you get an egg black?  i'm open for suggestions if you know.  i guess i could have gotten the little tub of black icing coloring at the craft store and then used a sponge, but that seemed a little to extreme and, well, costly for what will amount to 2 black-dyed eggs.  When else am i going to use black icing coloring?  ok, strike that, i can figure on many times when i would.......check out the ladybug cake in one of my earlier posts.........however, i don't foresee any blackness in my cakes anytime soon.  Anyway, the other eggs in the picture also appear to be painted and not dyed.  No one, i don't care how long you let that egg sit in the red dye, ever produces a bright cherry-red's always some form of pink, dark pink if you're lucky!  So, anyway, i'm thinking i will use a sponging method and use scant amounts of acrylic paints to color the eggs and then we will draw on the beaks and eyes and such.  The egg shell should be thick enough to protect the egg, right?  i'll have to check the toxicity warning on the bottles.  I'd used watercolors, but even a little dew in that grass and we're ruined, RUINED I TELL YOU!  ok, any other ideas?  I'm open for suggestions, otherwise, i'll report back what we come up with.  I'll even take pictures along the way, so in case we do a good job, we'll have a step by step out there for other people instead of a mystery pic!  Wish me luck!


  1. Painting is way too hard for me :( or maybe I just have no patience for it!

  2. Just another A to Z Challenger here...

    Good luck with your eggs! I would think acrylic paints would be fine for this...although you'd be able to tell as soon as you cracked one of them open and saw black had bled through.