Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Hospital

Happy Monday!  So, i started out the day at the doctors for myself, just some routine to work, got through an hours worth of emails and received a call from the hubby that little J has cut his head open and they are going to the hospital!  Didn't even log off, just hit the power buttons and ran....literally...ran through the halls of my building.  my brain was telling me, "he's fine, you heard him screaming so he's conscious, he's with his Daddy, we don't live far from the hospital" but we all know the mom heart/brain conflict.  So, I ran.  May have actually helped with the adrenaline rush since once i got to the car, i was pretty calm.  I did rely on my best friends to talk to me as i tried to safely, but quickly, make it the 45 miles to the hospital.  yes, i drive 44 miles one way from home to work everyday.  He was being so good.  Had the numbing cream applied and were waiting for the the doctor to come back.  Hubby took little M out and i managed the parental participation part of stitches......singing twinkle twinkle 2 inches from his ear and blowing on his face......i think it's nice that they get you involved!  so, all in all, 2 hours, 4 stitches later, and a popsicle, we're home and napping.  And i was worried about finding an "H"!


  1. That was very considerate of your little one to provide you with an "H" :) Glad he is okay. Scary stuff, though, anytime you get a call like that!

  2. Poor baby! Hope he's doing better. We should try t see each other sometime soon.

  3. Really glad hes ok!

    Happy endings!