Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fever

Yep, it just wouldn't be a holiday for the Coopers if one of the kids weren't sick!  I came home to a cranky 2-year old with a 102.3 fever wanting his mommy.  Poor thing.  i'm pretty sure it's just teething since i change his shirt twice in 4 hours because the front was totally soaked from slobber.  So, we started the Motrin/Tylenol schedule and, while it hasn't broken yet, he was more like himself.  he at least ate and participated in some loving battles with his big brother.  Meanwhile, in another room......... I've got two cakes baking for a special treat and the angry bird eggs have begun.  The base color is to dry and apply ANGRY eyes!  party tomorrow and then off to Mimi and Papa's, where hopefully, the Bunny will be able to find us.  I assured Mikey that Santa and the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy are good friends and Santa would surely tell the Bunny where to find the Cooper boys.  Good times!  Happy Easter to all!

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