Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for.....I have no idea

I cannot come up with anything to write about for I.  I am at a loss.  I am hoping that other bloggers have found themselves in the same position.  I have thought about I all day long and I have come up with nothing.  If I use the letter I enough in this blog of nothing, does that count?  hmm...how about Interesting.....an Interesting fact (or 10) about you!  Who are my readers?  

1.  Where do you call home?
2.  What is your favorite pudding flavor?
3.  What is your favorite candle scent?
4.  Who's seat would you put a woopie cushion on?
5.  Mounds or Almond Joy?
6.  Sleep Number?
7.  Favorite cartoon from the late 80's early 90's?
8.  McDreamy or McSteamy?
9.  Sweet or Salty?
10.  Root beer or Mountain Dew?

totally random, but what do you really get out of age, sex, location anyway?


  1. 1. CA
    2. chocolate
    3. vanilla
    4. one of my 3rd grade students :)
    5. almond
    6. not sure
    7. hm.. not sure (again)
    8. both, combined :)
    9. both, combined
    10. rootbeer

    YOU could have started sentences beginning with I, stating your interests... :)

  2. Hi, those are interesting questions with informative answers.
    1. Texas 2.I don't eat pudding 3. I don't have scented candles, am allergic to the scents. 4. One of my friends at church 5. neither, I don't eat coconut 6. Do you mean how high do I have to count sheep before I go to sleep? ha ha.
    7. Yogi Bear 8. neither 9.combination of the two
    10. Root beer, definitely

    best regards to you, Ruby