Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for....ummm....Jenna? or Jackson!

Jenna and Jackson, the J's of the Coopers!  Well, since I’m older, I’ll go first.......30, married, long hair, fair skin...well, OK, red/pink skin, tallish, biggish, pretty laid back except when I’m not, likes a clean house, likes to craft, sews some when the bug gets me, one sister, mom,, I’m boring.  

Ok, Jackson, the real star of this post!  Almost 2, dark curly hair, darker skin than mommy, adorable little dimples on ALL cheeks! precious smile..........biter.  Yes biting.  

Ooooo, a topic!  I have had a biter before.  Seemed like the longest stage or phase ever!  Looking back, it was only about 2 weeks or so.  I remember being frantic at daycare because I was afraid they were going to kick the oldest one out for biting!  Then it was over.  However, I did find out something disturbing...or maybe that's not the right word.  I looked everywhere for help, magazines, books, internet.  I even wrote letters and emails to authors of child behavior books........guess what?  If your child is being bitten, there are a ton of biter-hater-helpers out to advocate for your child, how to encourage the suspension of the other child by the school, bla bla bla.........there is nothing out there for parent's of biters!  It's as if a biter had been tagged and there is nothing you can do so just give up.  You have no rights if you are the mother of the biter!  It’s very frustrating.  I’m not a biter; I’m not trying to raise a biter.  Argh!  Anyway, so now Jackson has picked up this ugly habit.  Only, he's not in daycare so big brother becomes the one and only target.  He hasn't bit mommy or daddy...he wouldn't dare, but any part of Mikey, it seems, is fair game!  Today, he even bit the center of his back.  How does one even begin to do that?  Mikey doesn't exactly have any extra flesh, pretty scrawny and muscley as 4 years olds go.  We're at a loss....yelling is ignored, popping his mouth is met with a broken heart, biting him back isn't really a logical option.........I suggested that maybe Mikey could bite him know have him practice on daddy so he knew how not to bite too hard?  Are we nuts?  I don't know, maybe we'll just put Mikey in thick sweat suits and a mask at all times until this phase passes?  *Sigh*  I realize this is just a phase and all in all it will probably amount to nothing more than 2 weeks, but it sure is difficult waiting it out!!!  

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  1. My daughter was never a biter, but my brother was when he was little, and I was the only one he bit.