Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Christmas

Yes, Christmas!  Why is it that the preparations for Christmas almost seem more exciting and magical than the single day itself?  The invisible connection while putting together cards, the moments dedicated to single individuals while we choose just the right gift for them, the joy and fun of putting up the tree and the stockings and any other decorations you deem worthy.....we, for instance, started a paper chain that goes around our entire family room.  This year, both kids should be able to assist in adding to it.  Maybe it will creep into the kitchen this year!  My favorite part of the season, though, has got to be the smells!  I wait all year to stick a brick of Apple Cinnamon or Holiday Spice into the warmer!  Anyway, the point i was going to attempt to get to was this...we put so much effort into the holiday season and then it's...just...over.  there is a slight delight of putting things away and getting things re-organized, but it doesn't last that long....it's still winter after all.....then Spring, which I will admit have it's own merits, then Summer......i'm good for a little bit of summer, but i'm not much a hot weather person.  There's only so much a person can remove, you can always add layers, but once you're naked....you're out of luck (or not?)  Anyway, back on track......you spend a lot of effort, it's over, you try to put your all into the rest of the year, but for me, i'm really just always looking once again to The Beginning..........First day of Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas!!!  My favorite season?  the Holiday Season!  What's your favorite part of the Holiday season?

Ok, not so much of a cohesive thought as I would have liked to present, but it was the only alternative to my first choice for the letter C as developed through a short brainstorm with Ms. Heather.

Title:  C is for Cat
Blog:  Damn cat.  The end.

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  1. My favorite part of the holiday season is getting it over with! Not a huge fan.

    You sounded like me when you said there is just so much you can take off in the heat of the summer but you can always add in the winter!