Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Nine New Neckties, Nightshirt, Nose!

Big N, little n, what begins with those?  Wow, that really is all I could come up with.  And yes, for you avid Dr. Suess-ers, I have the abbreviated version that I have now replaced 3 times due to use and...well...chewing.  Both of my sons have now consumed portions of Dr. Suess's ABCs (the abbreviated version).  I don't know what it is about a board book that looks so yummy to a toddler!  Most of our board books have a bite mark in them.  I should write a series of books call "What MJ Ate".  (the MJ being a combination of both their names).  I could theme them........I could do places, I could do countries.....could be a pretty good series for kids.  Hmm...a NEW idea!  Hey, this is mine and if I see these books out there somewhere, I will find you!  Ok, now my brain is gone off on this new project.......see ya!

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