Tuesday, April 15, 2014

K is for Kids! Duh!

I'm not even sure what there is that I wish I had known about kids before I had them.  I always heard about "just wait until you have kids", but I was always the one who couldn't wait to have them no matter what was in store.  I once had a dream as a teenager that my destiny was to be someone's mother.  A great someone.  Not exactly the Queen Mum, but you get the idea.  My greatest accomplishment will be my children.  I guess I do wish I had some insight into who they will be so I could make sure they get there........you know, maybe iron out some of the bumps along the way?  Oh well, in the words of Professor River Song, "Spoilers...".  Maybe i'll just have to save this and re-blog in 20 years and tell you how it goes!

Bonus points if you know who I just referenced without having to Google her!

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