Thursday, April 17, 2014

BONUS BLOG - Yarn Eggs......or NOT!

I have to say, I don't usually try things I'm not confident I can pull off when it comes to crafts, so I don't usually get to entertain the concept of 'Craft Fail'.  Guess what I did this week?  You betcha!  Craft Fail!

So, saw this awesome craft for yarn eggs.  Looked easy enough.  Looked cute.  I was anticipating taking some to my neighbors, the kids taking them to teachers, taking them to co-workers, etc.  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

1.  Gather your supplies:

-  Glue and water mixture
-  Yarn and water balloons - blown up (guess what?  water balloons were not designed to be blown up with air. So, i had to use that little yellow thingy you see in the corner that is meant to screw on your faucet, then blow through that)
- Candy - guess what else doesn't actually fit in the top hole of a water balloon-sized balloon?  that's right.  so, at this point I was already skeptical about the truth-telling ability of the creator of this craft!  we decided to just try to fit candy into the eggs after they were done.

 2.  applying yarn (i don't think this should have actually been done with yarn, contrary to the'll see...)
- cut yarn
- dip in gluey stuff
- wrap on balloons

3.  Be very skeptical, but continue to try at this point.......for the sake of your blog

4.  When dry, pop balloons and let child can totally tell he's impressed.

this was THE good one.  I made 12.......

Yarn Eggs!

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