Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Owl Feet or Foot Owls?

Guess what?  Found something cute on my favorite site, again.  I have a bathroom cabinet in our downstairs powder room that has two glass doors.  The cabinet is packed full of medicines and such and quite unsightly.  A couple of years ago, my fab hubby, suggested I do some kind of art project with the boys to cover the windows.  So, the tradition every time I change the season decor in the house, we do a project for the bathroom.  So far, I've stuck with painting made from hand prints and foot prints and finger prints and then I save them and we pull them out and see how much the boys have grown.  Not sure what i'll do with 3 kids, but we'll figure it out at Christmas, i suppose.  Our autumn pictures this year is owls made from foot prints.  I think they're cute.  I was skeptical as we were making them, but they came out pretty cute.

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