Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Do You Know A Funnier Joke?

My first post as a mom of 3 and a mom of a girl, at that.  I have to say, it's only a little different, so far.  You use a lot more wipes and there is A LOT of pink and purple!  Also, one thing this girl seems to do that her brothers never did........she has the ability to shoot her......for lack of more sophisticated word, poop.  The boys, I was used to covering them up to avoid a shower.....but how do you avoid this?  Just at the moment I life her little booty up to remove the old diaper......there she goes.  Has now gotten me a couple of times!  This afternoon, she did it in the presence of her brothers.  Mikey nearly wet his pants laughing!  I asked him why he was laughing (sarcastically, of course.  I’m not that dumb).  He looked at me and between giggles said, "Well, can you think of a better joke?"  

I'm in trouble.

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