Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Evie's Room: Part II

Painting is finally done!  The crib is together, the furniture is arranged, and clothes are clean.  Now, we probably won't actually use the room until sometime near Thanksgiving when she's 2 months old, but it's done anyhow.  yay!  I set out to do a Pooh-centric room because I have 4 beautiful hand-made Pooh friends from my mother-in-law......but then I embraced my 'jenna' and the room became a collection of fun things.  


A rainbow....a little wonky but I still like it


The honey tree........this is where I started and I was totally in Pooh mode.........


Butterfly #1

Our first friends

For my little sunshine

 Yes, his and her chairs...don't ask

Butterfly #2

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