Friday, September 6, 2013

Lego Hell.....I mean Land

Legos.....tiny little foot torture devices masquerading as colorful childhood play things.  I swear, the little spikes seem to multiply all over the house........I'm pretty sure I'm not buying more, but there always seem to be.......more!  Now, I do value the brain development and quiet play that result from the demon blocks, but how i despise their inability to be completely picked up or put, I ran to Pintrest to find comfort in other's attempts to conquer the devil cubes.  I found a unique bag that lays out flat and wide so that a large number of Lego's can be sorted and searched through without coming in contact with my floor and then cleaned up quickly and without a lot of drama.  Guess what?  Only took me 3 weeks to finally get around to sewing the thing.  And I bet you'll wonder about the color; well, purple seemed to be the only color that didn't result in the camouflaging of large quantities of the pieces.  Hopefully, we have a solution.....I'll let you know.

 Large enough to stay "on your side!"

Best thing is, I found one of these on amazon and they wanted $52 for it......
...i think I spent maybe $15.  Score!

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