Friday, August 23, 2013

Evie's Room, Part I

So, the room decor has begun.........about time, right?  Since she's due in about 2-3 weeks.  Today's project was the handles on an old dresser.  It's an antique, but it's got a perfect wide top for a changing table.  When I got it from my grandmother's stuff, it was already missing a handle or 2 and I've tried several times to replace them but apparently the old handles are different from today's standard sizes.  Today, Jackson and I replaced them with beaded handles.  I like them!
Started with a mix box of beads from Michaels and some 20 guage wire.

I decided to use the flowers, the animals, and some large ball beads from the mix box.
 This is the dresser and one of the original handles

 took all the handles off.

 Strung 9-10 beads on a length of wire and threaded it through the holes and twisted it tight on the back.

 So easy, even the 3 year old could do it!
 3 done!
 All done!!!
 Matching bedside table.  ignore the splatters on the wood.......that's next.

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