Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Garden Left Alone

So, we're back!  Had a wonderful, sacred, annual week at the beach!  Rained a lot and was cold and windy, but any day at the beach is better than a great day at work, right?  We arrived home this afternoon and after the obligatory unpacking, I had to go check out the garden.  We have 2 good size pumpkins coming along (much more manageable than the 12 we had last year).  I'm wondering what will become of the pumpkin vines growing up the fences though, do those produce pumpkins or just take over space?  The cucumbers are about done for.  Looks like a combo of too much rain AND too much sun, maybe?  Update on the tomato plant that came back from the dead of the compost bin.  It's the biggest tomato plant i've ever seen.  The smallest stem is as big around as my thumb and the rest is huge and strong and covered in flowers.  I saw a few green balls, but nothing red yet and nothing big enough to call a tomato just yet, but i have hope. It has pretty much taken over the compost bin at this point.  And, the sunflowers!!  They are massive!  The pics below are taken from about 10 feet away in order to see the tops.  The tallest is about 12 feet tall!  Also got 4 giant squash out and several more on the way.  Didn't get to look at the beans much since the mosquitoes discovered I had invaded their territory at this point.  I'll probably send the boys after the beans tomorrow.  how are your gardens doing?

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