Monday, July 15, 2013

Craft Show "Browser" - Ethical Issue?

Ok, so this evening I have made one of the cuter things, in my opinion, that I have ever made.  I made a tooth monster for holding lost teeth and collecting the 'mullah'(sp?).  I found it on Pintrest (duh).  Now, I pretty much made a rough replica of exactly what I saw and upon making it again I will be making all sorts of different shapes and colors and such.  (They were actually super fun to put together!)  The Pintrest pin, though, was not of a craft someone made and was sharing, it was a pin of something someone saw on Etsy and liked.  Me, I tend to browse Etsy for ideas.  Never, have I bought anything.  I look, memorize, and do it myself.  Is there a problem with this?  I am also that person at the craft show who walks out looking like she just hit the mother load of greatness but is carrying not a single bag.  It’s all locked upstairs ready to unpack the moment I hit my craft table.

For me, I figure if I make something and someone sees it and wants to copy it, go for it.  I'm not going to give you my pattern, but I’m certainly not going to put up a fuss about you using your own diy-ness and figuring it out.  There are more than enough lovers of crafts without a crafty bone in their body to go around and keep the market going, right?  Also, I never sell anything.  I love making stuff for people, but I would never take money for them.  Too much pressure! 

So, my question, is there an issue with replication?  

Btw: our first tooth monster...

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