Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Goals

Happy New Year!!  Can you guess why I would be posting in this week of all weeks?  You should.  I'm claiming the 2,683,459th spot on the blogger board of posts about new year's resolutions.  I know lots of people who say the hell with resolutions.  Yeah, I could be one of those, but what fun is that?  Instead of resolutions, though, I'm going with goals.  Mostly things I know I can do, some that might be a little more difficult. I do try to be well rounded.  Ok, here it goes.

1.  Blog at least once a week - a popular goal I'm sure

2.  Be on time with Holiday and Birthday cards and gifts - I'm not counting the Christmas gifts that I still haven't sent to family in Missouri because that was technically a 2012 lapse, right?

3.  Send something homemade to first 7 people who respond to this blog and mention either Kids, Super Mom, or Beach in your response.

4.  Play more games with my boys - we made an attempt once upon a time to play a game on Friday evenings.  Probably a good place to start.

5.  Be a better friend.  Hmm....well, that's kind of generic and not very measurable.  I could just say I was a better friend, right?  Let's see...I have one friend who just gives and gives and gives and i never seem to have the opportunity to give back.  So, i'm going to look for a way.

    -  Take H&C's kids overnight at least 4 times this year
    -  Find any way possible to camp with the Carty's.
    -  Check-in at least once a month with friends I don't always see

6.  Find at least one more recipe that only I make and that passes the Chef Cooper taste test

7.  Complete the couch to 5k plan.  i may not necessarily run in a 5k event, but I want to complete the 9 week plan.

8.  Catch up the boys' baby books and scrapbooks.

Ok, I may add onto this, but i think it's a good start.  So,what's your goal this year?  Remember to check out #3!  We don't even have to know each other.  I won't send stinky cheese, I promise!!!


  1. So the last time you had an offer for a homemade item I felt like as your best friend who always recieves your nice homemade gifts I shouldn't take it...but this time FORGET it. I want to go to the beach this year and I want to recieve a homemade goodie:)

    1. Of the three items I had in've already got them! Woman! Makin' me work!