Monday, January 28, 2013

Acronyms for "Old" People

While driving home today, my BFF (yep, LAC, I did it) and I discovered that we're 'old'.  She's a high school teacher.....automatically old....and, well, let's face it, it's been said I was born thirty and got older from more than a few people.  I can't remember what started off the conversation, but we both discovered that there were several text acronyms that neither of us could figure out for a while.  I will admit, for a while I thought 'fml' was short for family.  No, it never made sense how it was being used, but I just couldn't figure it out.  Not to worry, my younger, cooler, hubby informed me.  Now, I’m just annoyed by it.  Nothing is that bad, really.  Then there is 'smh'.  Ok, so I just learned what this was today.  Yes, today.  I kept trying to figure it out, thinking that 'm' was for my (not totally stupid) but figure it was along the same lines as fml and I guess my vocabulary is just not that expansive when it comes to slang and cursing.  Ok, so a few I did know, lol, lmao, lmaorotf ...those are old though. I remember those back in the days of AIM.  Once upon a time kids......we had dial-up and this wonderful little thing called AIM and Yahoo Messenger....the end.  Do those even still exist?  There's also brb, brt, and then some that I’m not sure are actually legitimate text-eese......I just decided to start putting things in acronyms at work to throw off some of my more mature co-workers......keeps me feeling a second younger......DYK,  HO! (did you know, Hold on).  Then there are the text-eese that have apparently been accepted as mainstream English......OMG, WTF.  I'm pretty sure I’m missing a bunch and I’m pretty sure a certain hipper cooler younger sibling of mine will merely comment, SMH.  hmm....maybe my niece can school me?  So, now that this blog entry has turned far more boring than I intended, I’ll go.  TTFN! (remember that one?  Yeah, I’m with it)...

The list of one's i've learned:

FML - F*ck my life (totally unnecessary)
SHM - Shake my Head
BFF - Best Friend Forever
LOL - Laugh Out Loud
LMAO - Laugh My Ass Off
LMAOROTF - Laughing My Ass Off Rolling On The Floor
BRB - Be Right Back
BRT - be Right There
WTF - What the F*ck
OMG - Oh My Goodness/God/Gosh
TTFN - Ta Ta For Now

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