Tuesday, April 5, 2016


My boys got their hair cut.  Not a big deal, right?  Wrong.  They wanted very different cuts than we've ever done before.  It's nerve racking.  They looked through a ton of photos online before deciding on anything, but they went for it.  My older one's is much more drastic and, I have to admit, I was skeptical about how it would turn out.  No need to worry, Mama.  He looks fantastic!  Very short on the sides and asymmetrical on top, with a blue streak.  Yes, blue.  He looks so freaking adorable!  Definitely going to be trouble, that one, when it comes to dating.  yikes.  The younger son took a more conservative look.  short on the sides and spike-able on top.......although, by the end of the day it's totally flat and just looks.......normal.  Bittersweet to watch them grow and decide things!

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