Friday, April 1, 2016

Adulting and Acceptance

Welcome to my 5th attempt at the A-Z Blogger Challenge!  I honestly have no idea what direction I’m going to take you in this year.  It's 6:45 at night and I have only a vague idea of what I’m writing about tonight.  

 Simple Definition of adult: 
·         : fully grown and developed
·         : mature and sensible : not childish
·         : of or intended for adults

There have been several memes cropping up in the last year or so (at least flowing across my Facebook feed) about the definition of being an adult or re-establishing the word as a verb. I will admit, these seem to be more popular with certain generations than others.....primarily those of us in our late 20's/early 30' we chase our little ones around, figure out bills, buy houses, take notice of our health (I mean REALLY notice) for the first know.....all those ADULT things!  

Some of my favorites:



*side note - you ever notice there is a progression of memes as one changes generations?  I guess my next step is those involving who's got more wrinkles,, retirement, etc.

Anyway, it turns out, I’ve pretty much always been ready to be an adult.....well.......until I recently got sidelined......put in time out......forced to stop.  "What?!" You say.  Yep, had been having headaches for a while.......chalked it up to getting older, changes in my body after my last child, weather......

Went to the doctor, visit #1: "well, you may have some infection, here's some amoxicillin" (like I’m 4yrs old).  3 days later, I felt even worse.  Took some Motrin, went on with life.

Doctor’s visit #2 (1 month later): got an x-ray of my neck, got a BS diagnosis and sent to the orthopedist, who said I was having muscle spasms and gave me flexural.  Like a working mother of 3 has the luxury of taking something to knock her on her a$$?  Whatever.

Doctor's visit #3 (2 weeks later): I walked in with my chest hurting in addition to headaches.  I figured I had finally developed a full-blown case of pneumonia.  Anticipating my Z-pack......and then there's nothing showing up.....chest x-ray, negative.  EKG, negative.  Blood pressure, excellent (win!).........pulse. Mm....elevated.  "We need you to go to the ER".............umm...stop, wait, what?

ER:  EKG, Blood work (like a vampire was on duty), cat-scan.........boom.........2 clots.  Excuse me?  "This was caused by your birth control, so here's your gown, you're staying here."  but...but...but....there's karate....and dinner.....and and and.........

*side note - I was on BC for ovarian goody

Luckily, I have the best support system ever.  Hubby and Mom to the rescue!  Only had to stay in the hospital one night.  Got 2 shots of Lovenox and then a prescription for Xeralto.  And, off I went.....

Got hooked up with a real PCP (instead of the oh-so-convenient Patient First) we go.  Did I mention I was stilling intending to go on a 3-day backpacking trip with my hubby and boys?  Oh yes.  Nothing is stopping this Mama!  Do you know how many people are on blood thinners???  A FREAKING LOT!  and they don't stop their lives!  

1 week later........back in the hospital because I overdid it while my lungs are still healing.  Only stayed half a day this time and determined that my clots have totally resolved and just about everything else is tip-top shape........I just have to slow down........let my lungs  That’s right, I, super-mom, have to take a temporary break from my usual.  Let me tell you, this sucks.  

Apparently, being an Adult, also means you face Adult problems and sometimes you have to accept that you can't always be the Adult you intended for yourself to be.  So, I’m on time-out.  I still go to work, yes, but I’m taking it slower.  I'm still mothering my children, but trying to let up a little more and not stress so much.......and, well, we rescheduled the backpacking trip.  Sigh.

So, while I'm being Adult and accepting my temporary limitations.....I would love to hear your stories of PE (Pulmonary Embolism).  How long was it until you felt like you could go full throttle again?  

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