Monday, December 10, 2012

Send me a Color for my Birthday!!!

Ever find yourself looking at the top right corner of your FB page and just saying happy birthday to whomever of your friends is listed for the day?  I know I'm guilty!  It's a social norm, an expectation, a "thing you do".  Same with all the "Happy ________ Days" throughout the year.  They are routine, a quick few keys so that you've fulfilled your obligation.

And as receivers of these wishes, we all know it's viewed in much the same way; you read who has sent you the message, smile, and then move on.  It's a moment.  But, have you ever really stopped to think about what you might actually want to say or how you hope the person's day is?

I would like to start a new tradition!!!  How about sending the person a color!!!  yes, a color!  Something a little more descriptive and personal that takes more than a moment to absorb?  I'm a visual person and I truly believe in the power of colors to enhance your mood, a situation, a relationship,.......a whole day!

So, here's the challenge......I am quickly approaching the next notch on the, instead of sending me a "Happy Birthday" send me a color, like:

Have a pretty in pink day!
Have a giggly green day!
Have a smiley yellow day!

Get it?

I will, in turn, send you something entirely unique and uplifting and personal on your special day.  Also, pass on this little tradition and we'll make those all important days that much brighter!!!!

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