Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When Garden's Take Over!!!!

Ok, so keep in mind that I blogged a mere 13 days ago...less than two weeks....Here is the garden as it is today.

 The Zucchini, lettuce, squash, watermelon side
Yes, those are all going to ripen at once

 another bunch
 hanging out in our squash jungle
 The Zucchini jungle!
 the beans.......they don't look as grand but we've gotten enough for an entire meal all at once finally.  Yes, I realize that I missed an opportunity to grow something else in between the tee-pees
 the pumpkin monster
 it's taking over the yard
 No!  don't take the kids!
 a pumpkin monster leaf
 the cucumber wall
 another monster....only i messed up....there are 4 plants on the other side that i have to teach Mikey to go through since he's the only one who can get back there.
 the other side...sorta
 it's taking over!!
 sad tomato plant.....they just won't turn red!!  A friend told me about something she read in a gardening magazine about showing the tomatoes the color red, so they will turn red..........anyone else heard of this?
 poor little green things!
 A double squash...oh the wonders in our backyard jungle!
and the big question is..........Mike, how good are you really?  This is only 2 days of harvest!

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