Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jackson's Project

I finally accomplished an art project with Jackson!  This shouldn't be a huge accomplishment, but with an older brother who is quite eager to participate in anything requiring glue, stickers, markers, scissors, etc., it can be hard to do a project with just the little guy.  Last Tuesday, I was at home taking an extra recovery day, but I was restless.  Just so happens that Mikey got in trouble for something and was sent to his room, where he fell, I took the opportunity to pull out some craft supplies and a large box.  

Side story on the Saturday morning, while doing some cleaning, I noticed a delivery truck in front of my neighbor's house across the street and a large dryer box sitting on the road behind the truck.  Woo-hoo!  A free box!  So, I turn to go upstairs to put on clothes...I was in pj shorts and a tank-top, no bra, hair in a messy bun.  Just as I go to close the door, the delivery comes outside and goes to put the box in the truck.  Oh no!  So, what do I do?  Of course I go running from the house screaming "excuse me! Excuse me! Are you going to throw that box out?"  The poor guy looks up, probably terrified at what is coming toward him, and gives me an odd look.  I start explaining "I have 2 little boys who would love that box!”  I guess he's seen this display before and just handed it over.  Then he got the joy of watching me haul the 4x5x4 box up my driveway.  Oh, btw, it was full of quite a bit of trash as well......beggars can't be choosers, though!  At least some of the addition trash was more flattened boxes! SCORE!

So, anyway, cut 2 sides off the box, some clever map locations, hot glue, and many stickers (Jackson did the stickers), buttons and pompoms later....ta-da!  Instant car course!  He loved it!  We even pulled out some little dinosaurs and it was a hit.  

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