Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Kittens Have Arrived!

So, we suspected that our cat was pregnant and it only became more and more evident very quickly.  Well, last night was the night.....Miss Winter gave birth to 4 adorable little balls of fur.  One is all black, one is black and white, one is a mini-me of winter and the other one, more of an art project....kind of multicolored splotches.......i think a boy.  Someone told me once that the mail version of a tortoise shell is white with big colored splotches.  Only the females are the true tortoise this true?  Anyone?  Anyway, here are some pictures I've managed to get of the little family!


  1. .. you should censor that nipple there... hunn..

  2. Torties and calico have the same gene which is X linked, hence almost all multi colored cats are female. We've had several in litters, all girls.

    Beautiful kitty family!