Saturday, June 14, 2014

Faerie Garden: Community Planning

The project continues.....last night, I made my first house.  I think I did OK considering I have never done one before.  I youtubed a bunch and pretty much broken most of "the rules"......oh well.  I used what I had that was of 'natural' material.........a Popsicle stick is wood after all and used up what i had left in my hot glue stick stash......I'm not even sure the last time i had to buy glue sticks.  The roof is completely useless for a shelter.....will have to do something about that.  Once the ground gets a little dryer maybe i can find some nice moss or bark.

Then we went flower shopping...thank goodness for the woman in the nursery section who had a clue what i was talking about when I said "I'm making a faerie garden and need.."  she finished my sentence "ground cover?"  HALLELUJAH!  I figured i was doing OK.......then came the actual planting....and planning.....let's just say it's a good thing I didn't attempt a career in community engineering or whatever the real name is.  Probably totally screwed up where I'm going to be able to put little structures and such.  Also, i purchased based on color and, we'll see.  The one thing we (the hubby came out and made a suggestion) planned well for is the river.  We have a section across the back that gets the runoff from the house.  it doesn't floor the rest of the garden but definitely leaves a long deep, I'm going to make it a bona fide river with river rocks and probably a little boat house to accompany it.  ta-da!  Wish me luck on the "structures".  I always forget that when i start a project to do 'with the kids' that the kids will eventually get into it and actually want to participate and then i end up with all sorts of stuff that wasn't in my the little leaf 'signs' you see strewn all over the place.  I love them so much!

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