Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Fairy Garden Begins!

So, I have a girl now!  Not that should really dictate one thing or another, but it just makes we want to do certain things that I didn't really have the desire to do with the boys.  I'm building a fairy garden!  It's always been in the back of mind and then a friend on FB made one of those little fairy houses and, well, now I have started.

Today, I build the box....this box is based on a box that my grandfather once built.  I think he saw it somewhere and just.......did well.  I couldn't find anything like it on Pinterest, either, so I did my best in the design.

Started with a scrubby little piece of grass in front of the house that I'm not sure why it was there in the first place.....

Then i built a diamond.  And filled it.  I used the brown paper method for weed control again since it worked so well in the veggie garden.

I forgot to take pictures in between each level, so, sorry.  I build two more levels.  Second level is a rectangle (obviously), third level is another diamond.  If you do this; make sure to take out the inches used up by the box before the one you're doing.  My first diamond measured out perfectly......the rectangle had to be shortened and so did the smaller diamond because i forgot the the level before it would take out an inch or more on either end (if that makes any sense).

So, hind sight.........i should have framed in the whole area and then built up from there, but i tend to be a person who get s a concept, does some measuring, buying, constructing, and then......repairs.  I blame it on the fact that i have too many ideas going on to always have a TOTAL concept from the beginning... so, instead of leaving nasty grassy corners......i went back to HD and bought some slightly narrower pieces and framed in the corners.

Next step is flowers and decorations!  I bought my first gnome and Mikey gave me a little stepping stone for Mother's day!  I'm thinking I want to add teeny tiny little steps for the fairies to get from one level to the next.......... :)

So excited!!!!

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